thought i would start a thread on what you likes and dislikes are on our tailgate.

I believe we have an amazing pre-game tailgate. drinks are not outrageous, the radio station is there playing tunes, and it is a good time to meet up with friends that are sitting elsewhere, talk to fans and even greet visiting teams fans. Yes, I am that guy who talks to the visiting fans and thanks them for coming out.

I think it would be cool if on friday/saturday games they actually had a post game tailgate to. They could make a killing. You could invite local/area bands out and give them a good venue...even if it were free it is great exposure, and I think many would line up to play.

My only complaint is really the burgers.....those are just horrible.

cheap burgers so that you aren't spending $8.00 per burger.

I do know that like in Edmonton they have the cheapo burgers that they sell on the main concourse (which I will NEVER eat again) and then the ones in the actual concession area they added a few seasons ago.. now THOSE are burgers!

...grammar, for one...

If you choose to speak of grammar, perhaps you should attempt a complete sentence; Otherwise you look like a horse's arse. So I never started the sentence with "I" and I missed an r on "your."

This is a message board, get over it and move along.

…my apologies for not appreciating feelings would be so easily hurt…I generally like tailgates that include some good natured bantering between rivals, guess that isn’t on the menu here…

I don't mind ribbing, but that was a rather point black insult and nothing to do with a team to team rivalry. Perhaps if it would have been ribbing on the subject matter one would have been able to distinguish between the 2.

Carrying on. . . why is it that some people get so overly defensive when someone points out bad grammar and/or spelling ?

When I make a mistake, and someone points it out, all you'll see from me is a mea culpa and I'll do my best not to make that particular mistake again. . .

...point black insult...
Also the expression is point [u]blank[/u]... :wink: