Who has the best tailgate parties?

I've only been to three stadiums..McMahon, Commonwealth and BC Place. But out of those three, nothing beats Calgary. I was there three years ago There is one parking lot that must have 20-30 cars with Bar-B-Ques, (Beers hidden in coolers). Stamp flags flying. I was so impressed. R&W can correct me but I'm sure my count was pretty accurate. Maybe the other parking lots had more party vehicles.

your b/f

…20 30 cars would be about right…about 200-300 people, more on labour day, and the cops turn a blind eye to the open liquor as long as you’re not being stupid about it…

i have to agree calgary can party... but i must say the tailgaters were out in full force the other day at the western final... i dont how many deep fried turkeys were cooking... the best part was james"quick" parker showed up and started partying with all the folks... and then an impromtu game of football broke out.. quick is still quick... the beer can bums were coming in and out like transport trucks with their shopping carts.. taking away load after load of empties... game sucked party was good... will be no shortage of fun at the "PARTY ON THE PACIFIC"

Thanks R&W

I have to talk Mrs Sportsmen into another trip next year there! My memory isn't as bad as I thought!