Tailgate Menu 2008

Well it's that time of year again. We're starting up the annual Lot J Tailgate menu thread. The Tailgate community has grown significantly over the last few years and I've seen some dandy open air chefs. What's on your grill this year?

This year, I'll be cooking twice for the games.

Once it's be cedar plank salmon and a spring green salad. That's when it's my turn to cook.

The second will be my annual Labour Day breakfast. Bailey's French Toast and an assortment of breakfast meats!

So tell us what's your pregame feast and are you cooking up anything special in Lot J for Labour Day?

The mouth is watering already!


If I ever get filthy rich, you are going to be my head chef in the kitchen I will be building in my mansion...


Jare’s Bailey’s French Toast is a great way to kick off Labour Day morning.
Best. French toast. Ever.

With the Labour Day Classic being an evening start this year, that leaves a lot of time for a proper tailgate.

Throw in a deep fried turkey and some other bbqd treats as well and a rubber maid bin full of a tastey beverage and you got urself a good day right there