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Hello cats fans

I am making the jump over the ditch for the classic on monday. I was wondering if I could get some help. I want to be able to bbq and tailgate. Which lots can you get into the earliest (what time do they open and what is the cost).
love the canadian game.. hope to have an awesome monday!!
thanks for the help in advance

LOT J is the best tailgating area around the Stadium, this year it has become more popular than ever with people showing up to 4 hrs before the game.

It is located at Scott Park High School between Cannon and King - Melrose and Balsam.

Get there early since it is the most popular game of the year.

One downfall parking has been bumped up to 15 bucks. :thup:

Did someone say 4 hours? The latest I've heard is there'll be people there 8 hours early, yes, at 10AM. :o

Here's a link to a map of Lot J, the tailgating goes on at the south end.

Best way to get there is from the QEW take Burlington Street to Kenilworth, up to Cannon Street and across to Lot J.

Actually, when on Burlington st., I'd pass Kenilworth and Ottawa streets, and turn left on Gage Ave. to get to Cannon st.

Thanks, I never even tried that, but will this time!

Usually Hamiltonians aren't so good with directions.

The first three times I arrived for the Labour Day games dressed in my Argo jerseys and asked for directions to the stadium - I ended up in Dunnville, Brantford and Niagara Falls. :smiley:

Labour Day?....10 am for sure.....I've seen them arrive even earlier....

"Breakfast at Wimbledon".....errrr Ivor Wynne I mean... :wink:

Hope everyone has a great day! :thup:

I didnt see this thread, my bad.

I was told by a friend that the whole lot is reserved parking.

Good to know.

One important thing to mention is the entrance to Lot J is off Bernie Faloney Way(Cannon St).....
I notice these maps don't show entrances and I saw a couple in a car on Balsam trying to find the school parking lot,the one east of Balsam.

Showing the entrances would help alot ,especially in a crowded area like this near crowd(game time) when a mistake like driving by on the fenced side of the lot is rarther frustrating...

:thup: Its a great spot Lot J Scott Park but if you have to go to the washroom its a far walk as the Ticats have no porta potties set up?


i think the lot may be all spoken for , somebody better confirm this cause it would be a shame to drive all the way down and not be able to get in .

Why would it be spoken for? Season Ticket holders?

[b]Shesh TUCK :thup: Directions, from a Argo fan :lol:

I hope The Argos Play the same way, you give Directions....

As CaptainKirk Posted:

When on Burlington St.
Turn left on Gage Ave.
Go to Cannon St. Turn Right,
Follow the Signs to LOT J


A few seasons ago if not last season we showed up to get in and we werent allowed to cause it was presold or something ???

First come, First IN :thup:

Does anyone think it will be full by noon? what time do they open?

Crash , who the heck can we contact about this ?

It's real simple! You show up early and set up! Over near the school itself! When the guys come in the afternoon to start collecting for the people comming to park they come over and collect 15 dollars from each car owner.

About 1 hour before game time, all the tailgating is packed away and the cars are starting to fill in!

It all seems to work its way out! :thup:

Won't be close to being full until after 4pm.

If you come and it's full, see me.... I'll give you Tigger's spot. :twisted:

tuck , give it a rest will ya ?

Tuck, you get hassled over here too? Surprise!