Tailgate for the Als game

Hey BC guys!
I'm from Montreal and I'm coming to BC to catch the Als against your Lions!
I'm going with some Lions fans but I want to show them a REAL football experience, TAILGATING!!!!!!!

I'm trying to find out if you guys have any Tailgate parties (seeing as the 5-0 can be a pain).

If anybody has a Tailgate area they usually attend and don't mind a Quebecer there, let me know. Too bad I can't make POUTINE on a BBQ :smiley:

I'll be wearing my Ben Cahoon Game Jersey from last year and probably smoking a big fat Cuban :stuck_out_tongue:
GO ALS GO!!! :wink:

There is a parking lot under the Granville street bridge where there is tailgating, just west of the stadium. that's the only area I know of.

Are you sure you don't mean the Cambie Street Bridge?

sorry I mean Cambie street bridge, there's nothing but condo's and autoshops under the Granville (: