Tailgate at alouettes game ?

Hi !

For the first time I will see a game tomorrow (august 24) with my kid and a friend. We are thorn bewtween eat somewhere getting to the the game or go at the tailgate and hope that there will be food stand avaible.

Is there food truck avaible ? can we buy a beer somewhere around the stadium before the game ?

Thanks !

No beer though unless you bring your own.

there are tons of food truck if you want to hit them Downtown before making the walk up the mountain. If you have the afternoon off you can hit the food trucks then hit the tailgate, lots of food there too. Having said that there isn't a city I think in North America where you can eat so well for so little,

Personally, if I was visiting. I'm not sure I'd choose a food truck. Lots of Terrasses on Saint-Denis street, they serve food and beer while you soak up the scene and people watch.

I'd suggest you buy the day subway pass for ten bucks (less for the kid) Go eat and drink on Saint-Denis street, there are dozens of outdoor terrasses to eat and get a craft beer.

List: Best Rue St-Denis, Montreal Terrace Restaurants updated January 2023 - RestoMontreal

Then jump on the subway at Berri and get out at McGill then take the shuttle up the mountain, instead of the 3km walk up the mountain.

Or if you want something more cultural go to a Terrasse in Old Montreal. Here is a 10 best list:

Then same thing grab the tube then the bus and go mingle at the tailgate.

That has been changed

The shuttle now leaves from the Place Des Arts metro station only!

Its free…you don’t even need to show a game ticket

Sounds like a really fun adventure. Please give us all the details when you get back.

Tostaky, please tell us about your trip and adventure. Ya'll must have been so happy to go to a game in person that we won. How was the train, bus, food, beer and tailgating? Looking forward to hearing about your experience as I live south of the border. :slight_smile: