Tail Gate Party?!

Hoping to join others for an amazing tailgate party for the Lions/ Riders game July 10th.

Where is everyone going to be? what lot? and what time?

I can't wait!!!

Thanks, and see you there.

Go Seahag !

Sure glad for you guys that tailgating is allowed, be sure to have the biggest tailgate party you can put on, and show the Stupid PNE that tailgating is a part of the atmosphere, Be Save.

here is the link to rules of tailgating from the PNE


are you allowed to have any beer etc at the tail gate ? i'm sure offically its against the law but I can't imagine a tailgate without beer :slight_smile:

No beer and they are pretty strict about it.

Do they look in your plastic cups/ coffee mugs?

well, if your eyes are bloodshot, and you can't walk a straight line or say a discernable word, they just might :wink:

I remember in my "Younger" years putting beer in a milk shake cup complete with lid & straw....ever sip beer through a straw? Never got caught mind you, but beer through a straw was definately different!

No alcohol is permitted, so I guess my travel mug will have to come out to play!!!
The following article is from the sun, a few weeks ago, but being the first game at home, I say lets show them how to party!!!

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/reverses+position+Lions+tailgate+parties/3183226/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/reve ... story.html[/url]

and Riders fans.... come on down, I'm hosting and you are all welcome!!!! Look for the lion wearing a melmet!

LOT 9 North end of the stadium........... Be there by 5pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good times, and GO LIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Might see you their, but I figure No. 5 Orange would be a better tailgate place.... :lol:

What would they say about the tequila, blender, ice, and the girl stretched out across the hood for the body shots? :rockin:

In the area of empire the Tequila would be stolen before the blender made it to a Pawn shop on the East side and it would be a Drug addicted fat guy stretched out across the hood of your car.

you are about a mile too far east for that scenerio