Tafralis vs Porter

I think after two + years our coaching staff has finally realized that they have wasted that time trying to shoe-horn Porter into a starting and backup role. Looks like Tafralis may finally be looked at as our backup QB. I sure hope so.

I'm not sold on either of them as our #2.Tafralis is by far less of a turnover machine but he's not exactly a barn burner yardage or point wise.Terrible terrible deep throws.

Yea I don't know if Tafralis is going to be the guy (time will tell) but I know it isn't Porter. I think Tafralis has a deep ball, he was just throwing it up tonight hoping the Ticat receivers could come down with it...

Porter most definitely IS NOT the guy you're right about that.My only beef with Tafralis is that he puts way too much hang time on his throws and it basically becomes a jump ball almost every time.His medium/short throws are excellent though.

For the limited reps trafalis has had I thought he looked good. He actually put together a scoring drive with Thiggy. What did Porter accomplish? A dropped ball on a snap for a loss, a fumble and almost an interception in less than 5 minutes. Sorry the guy is done. The sooner Trafalis is made # 2 the better for the entire team chemistry.


Porter has had is chance…
Trafalis hasn’t…Give him time and a chance…

Trafalis No. 2
Porter No.3 …Actaully…send him packing

8) It actually doesn't matter who is #2 or #3, because after Glenn, we don't have a competent CFL calibre QB on this team.

That's true mainly because of Porter's lack of development. He still locks onto his first read and if it isn't open he's running. They should have made Tafralis the backup midseason and he'd have the benefit of more reps should we need him. Maybe we should have signed Kerry Joseph?

Both were better than Glenn. Lets dump him because its obvious he doesn't have it :roll: Come on guys, you are reading way too much into nothing

Another rediculious assessment by AKT. Porter was the one who did nothing, send him packing!

I liked what I saw from Adam in the mop-up time he was out there. I would make him the #2 guy at this point. Porter can continue as #3 and as the short yardage QB IMHO, but I really don't see the value at this point of keeping him after this season is done. He isn't ready to play when he's called upon. If you aren't starting, that's an issue. Especially this far along.

Oski Wee Wee,


The only attribute Porter has now, and since he's been here, IMHO is his running ability, which is good at times for a change-up when the opposition defence has shut down our regular game plan. All around, though, I pick Tafralis as the likely better of the two if they had equal opportunity to play.
While on the subject of backup QB's .....

Memo to Porter:
It's a football, not a smelly bag of dog-do. Please carry it as such, close to your body, when you've crossed the line of scrimmage.

Have said over and over Adam Tafralis is a good q.b. Given the time will be a very good q.b. He comes in with an attitude
as opposed to Porter who never looks confident. By the way, Adam Tafralis is a very good running q.b. in fact as stated previously speed wise faster than Porter and Glenn (checkout NFL combine stats - Tafralis 4th fastest in the 40 in his draft year). Am I the president of the Adam Tafralis fan club, nope, but I think there is no comparison to Porter at this point, Adam Tafralis is flat out more of a competitor.

Well stated!

Oski Wee Wee,


You can bet that Mr. Porter is gone after this season. The kid is too much Hollywood and not much football. He can not read a defense and throws a fairly decent ball when he puts his mind to it. Unfortunately he has dancing feet and carrys the ball for eveyone to steal. I blame this entire senario on the coaching staff - you can not put a square peg in a round hole. The kid does have some athelisizim - however he has not be able to get over the mental side of the game. If Kevin Glen goes down - I don't like our chances at all. I like Trafalis - and someone new in camp next year with Porter - Boltus sent packing. We compentent backups instead of people taking roster stots who will never amount to anything.

Adam should get his shot now
Jason Boltus has been here two seasons and not seen him play in real game
Let Adam Start This week vs BC Move Boltus to #2 and glen to 3 Put porter on 1 game Injury list
In Fact we should be starting all backups vs BC
we can't afford to get anyone Hurt

Honestly, at this point there is only two places in my view for Porter. The first place is the third string QB who can at least be a threat on the short yardage plays as he can run with his bootleg and still throw fakes or plays that have a minimal number of receivers.

The second place is trade him to another team. Winnipeg is currently on their fourth string quarterback and Winnipeg desperately needs a 2nd string QB for next season, assuming Jyles is ok. I just can't see them keeping Buck Pierce, given how constantly injured he has been, and Alex Brink and Zac Champion haven't impressed. Conversely Toronto is also in a strange QB situation with Cleo Lemon being their starter, Porter could potentially get onto the 2nd or 3rd string with the Argos.

Honestly, I'm glad the team is finally giving AT a shot over Porter. You can't keep putting a guy in, who every time he is on a play drive he fumbles, messes up the snap, or throws an interception. Frankly I wish this had happened sooner, when Porter's stock was worth more and the QB situations in BC, Winnipeg and Toronto had them shopping. However c'est la vie. I can't say it was a bad decision by Marcel and the team to keep testing the waters with Porter, as I haven't really seen enough AT to say he will be the future. After all, a lot of people were calling for Cobb to be replaced and he's having a 1,000 yard season.

Tafralis is definitely a better passer and has good zip on the ball.
Heck, if you guys don't want him we will take him as we do not have a QB period.

Yup. Gotta agree with this.

Lets all go with the flavor of the day, good fans. :wink: