Tafralis an Arg0

Good to see the guy getting a chance. Too bad it's for the blue team.

[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/article/argos-add-veteran-qb-tafralis-rookie-wr-inman]http://www.argonauts.ca/article/argos-a ... e-wr-inman[/url]

That sucks. I have always liked Adam. Too bad he's one of them now. :lol: I wish him lots of personal success in a season full of losing :wink:

Unfortunate… The Ticats wasted a couple of seasns and a few dollars on on him,
only to send him to the blue team. There were many games that I felt he could
have played for us where he was ignored in favour of Porter. Too bad!

TRAITOR! Get the Steeltown Vice and Thumbscrews!

Heh, although seriously good for Tafralis, I honestly wished we could have seen more of him in 2010 but that's the way it is. He's already an upgrade over Dalton Bell in my eyes, but that's a matter of opinion. I wish him all the personal success in the world and may the injuries he recieves at the hands of the Ti-Cat defence be only minor "out of this game" ones.

Congratulations and best wishes for a long and productive career.

I only wish it had been in Hamilton - I think you got a raw deal, not enough 1st string time to be properly evaluated.

I still remember when you came in on that short yardage play, a great fake, then a perfect pass (good arm) to Bruce for a TD.

Don’t worry guys we still have Porter :roll:

I wish him nothing but good luck in Toronto! He seemed to be a team player while he was with the 'Cats. Especially when he, in my opinion, should have been given more of a chance to prove himself. Porter and Glenn certainly didn't do anything.

He let me know a couple of weeks ago. When he was here he treated my son incredibly well. I told him I wished him nothing but the very best except against the Ticats. very nice young man and considering all he went through when he was here and then the fire which destroyed his family’s home and was very hard on his Father how can you not cheer for him. I did tell him he’ll never look right in blue however.

All he went through .... You mean being paid to play football? Or not being handed the starting job?

Buddy, are you serious?

Do you realize how little he probably made to be the 3rd string guy? He's not some pampered NFL guy sitting around riding in a Lexus!

I give him credit for enduring and for having the desire to continue to play in the league even when, in my opinion, he was never given a chance to show his stuff. Hey... he might turn out to be horrible... he might turn out to be great... all I know is he never had the chance to show any of it.

Well said Rusty 30! :thup:

Best of luck Adam!

Adam is to descent to be a Leaky Boatman. :stuck_out_tongue:

He's going to ride the Pine in TO too so who cares really?

He's behind Ray and Jackson. Probably worst situation than he was in Hamilton.

That was a nice play, but it wasn't as great as you (and most people) remember. It was slightly underthrown, and Bruce made a great play on the ball. Also, the fake wasn't that good as Calgary had it covered pretty well (it's even mentioned by Cuthbert and Suitor how Calgary wasn't fooled), hence Bruce needing to adjust to the pass. It was a very memorable play, but Bruce deserves just as much credit as Tafralis for its execution, IMO.

Here's the play:


in all honesty, that play was all AB.
It was a poor throw in which AB, under great coverage, had to come back to the ball and outjump the confused defender.

Ray has a lock as #1 so Tafralis will fight it out with BJ Hall for #2 but with Dalton Bell gone, all three should make the team. At least he'll be able to continue his career.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barney, you’re forgetting that they also signed Jarious Jackson.

My guess is that if Jackson doesn’t beat out Tafralis for #2, he’ll be released and they keep Hall as their development project at #3.

Let us agree to disagree, slightly.
Yes Bruce made a great catch, but:
1. Tafralis threw where Bruce had the advantage - up high with his height.
2. IF Calgary had it read, where was the 7 or 8 man blitz on the young QB to hurry his throw?
3. IF Calgary had it read, and at that time Bruce was one of the best receivers in the CFL, if not the best, why didn’t Calgary have at least 2 men on Bruce, where was the safety?

From watching the play when it happened and the link posted, I now believe Calgary [b]was[/b] ready for something other than a short yardage play, but [b]were not ready[/b] for a deep pass to Hamilton's best WR by a young QB.

Regardless, I wish Adam all the best in his career and his personal life, he has the T & A to do well in both.