TAFL? (Toronto Argos football league)

Listen to Bobcat on the Fan 590 he and chris zelkovich of the star are saying that the Argos will never hit black ink, and there will be a time where they are going to have to question whether the product could be sustained in the City. They also said that every team should subsidize the Argos and that the Argos should get the Grey cup every other year to stay afloat. Do you agree with them or do you have enough respect for this league to ship this team off to somewhere else? NFL doesn't need a team in LA, does the CFL need a team in Toronto?

we need the argos yes.

Ah, more negativity from Toronto! :smiley:

Didn’t Berezin ask this question a few days ago? Honestly, all this Toronto business is getting a bit irritating. Leave the team where it is. They’ve been around for a century. The team will be fine. They’ve hit a rough patch. Oh on!

But for a team around for 100+ year having gone through bankruptcy less than a decade ago and now being "saved" again, doesn't that speak volumes? This team should be the LAST one to be having these problems. I can see winnipeg having problems like these but not Toronto.

doesn anyone ask this about : the detriot lions, the atlanta NHL team, the blow jays, the preds, the jaxsonvile jags,? lots of teams out there in trouble. now the argos have a decent owner. seriously, i feel like rogers communication now owns the forums around here.

I agree, hothead. You'd swear no other sports franchise had ever gone through some lean years. :roll:

Everyone asks about the Preds/Thrashers LOL what rock are you guys living on.. Does anyone ask about the Bluejays? Well yes they have before rogers bought them, but they have a pretty decent fanbase that still shows up for a team that hasn't been to the post season in almost 15 years or so. The Argos did win the greycup in 2004 and a few times in the late 90s... I'm just saying...

wasnt honestly all that long ago that the flames were said to be the most dying franchise in Canada...and yet it turned around...

how about the panthers? or the blue jackets? i heard the wizards arnt doin so hot. the list goes on. leave the argos alone.

Those teams aren't in my city... would you subsidize my local team?

would the leafs susidize the flames?

No.. obviously not.. Again NHL and CFL are two different animals..

i dont think we need to talk susidize yet. see what braily can do with a couple years. and if the league is in a better spot, we might have to look at profit sharing. it works in other leagues. but if toronto becomes more sucessful then hamilton or montreal... then the argos would have to be willing to do the same.

Ok so the BJ's lose 30 million a year, the Raptors are subsidized by the Leafs. The Bills deal is costing Rogers around 5 to 10 million per game, that's all ok ! But they spew their bs at a small SMB like the Argos. These people are so pathetic it's sad. I could say a lot more but they are not worth it.

As far as the GC being held there every two years, it is offensive to me that CFL fans from across Canada should be forced to make their way to that smog infested concrete roach dump every two years and line the pockets of operators that don't give a damn about them.

The bluejays lose 30 million a year? never heard that… proof? MLSE seat liscense/box holders get access to EVERY event in the ACC not just the Raptors you know? Plus the NBA TV Deal money from ABC/TNT that goes to every team up to 40 million a year (now you wonder why bettman wants a big tv deal?) that’s enough to pay off most the salary. Not to mention the Raptors are more valuable according to forbes than every NHL team other than the Leafs and Rangers. Oh yeah the Raptors fans don’t want to be there right because they are leafs fans? Is that why the crowds are totally the opposite at both games? Leafs fans play with blackberrys, Raptors fans actually show emotion? Right… Not to mention that when they really sucked in the mid 2000s they weren’t drawing anywhere near capacity because they were just so terrible… no leafs fans then?

If the raptors were so bad to the MLSE they wouldn’t be around, just like the way no one wants to buy the Argos except for braley who loves the league.

Now back to the REAL question at hands rather than beating around the Bush, this team will keep going in cycles… rough subsidizing years until they win a grey cup, and then a year or two of success and back to more of the same. Be realistic if the league wants a team in Toronto they need to subsidize or they could move to a different local…if in ontario, say london, could they still use the name toronto?

torontobased: Do you work for Rogers? You seem pretty hostile. Or are you one of these meathead "journalists" that spend their time trying to convince people that the CFL is no good? Not an accusation....just a question.

Better question, why is he a member of the forum if he hates the league so much? TorontoBased, just buzz off no one cares what you say, think or do, if you hate the league or the Argos so much, dont watch it, its pretty simple. Someone give this guy a ticket to the University section at Mosaic, get him to talk smack there and see what happens.

You know what I've discovered.
In Toronto its okay to rag on hockey and the CFL.
But if you dare bring up the obvious about basketball, you get attacked.
This Trannabased brings up the same old same old about the Raptors.
But bottom line is even though Leaf fans are forced to buy basketball
seats, the Raptors still had 3,000 empty seats last night.
Without the Leafs, basketball in Toronto is dead.
Liek the Grizzlies in Vancouver.
And I agree.
Why they focus on Argos losses when the blue Jays are on life support
is beyond me?

Back to Torontobased's question does the CFL need Toronto? Well, the OHL has a team or two in and around Toronto, that are poorly supported and everyone knows people don't care about the OHL that much in Toronto. And yet London, Ottawa, Kitchener, Windsor et al. are all doing very well. It's an amateur league so it's different than the CFL and has a lot of teams. But if the CFL gets a team out east and Ottawa back, I question whether the CFL needs Toronto. But saying that isn't fair to the great history and tradition of the Argo franchise and their great fans.

My CFL includes a team in Toronto. I think we should try and hold onto this franchise in this location.

Speaking of never being in the black, when Rogers bought the Blue Jays they were losing over US$50 million per season. They gradually reduced loses to the $30 million level, but they still lose money every year. The Blue Jays also admitted last year they have been papering the crowd and were exaggerating their attendance figures for years...hence the more accurate 10,000 crowds announced late last season.

The Blue Jays lose more money in one week than the Argos will lose in an entire season. So why the Toronto media is constantly picking on the Argos about "never being in the black" is a bit of a joke. I frankly think those Torontonians have been breathing too much of their toxic lead and mercury-laden "air", and it has adversely effected their cognitive functions.

Even if Mr. Braley can't right the Argos ship, the 5-yr Bills in Toronto series will still lose more money for Rogers than the Argos will lose in the next quarter century.

I do believe in revenue sharing for the CFL...at least for the Grey Cup. It is unfair to Hamilton to not share in the GC profits like the other teams. The league could disperse 50% of the GC profits to the 7 other teams each year, so the non-GC cities reap some benefit from the windfall.

MLSE forces you to buy Marlies tickets (AHL Maple Leafs farm team) in order to buy certain TFC season tickets. I think that's all you need to know about how they do business. That's what they've also been doing with the raptors. Monopolize the market and then take advantage of the fans, real stand-up guys!

Also the jays have continuously loss money. The team is more and more irrelevant in Toronto and they are shrinking their payroll more and more. There's a reason for that too.

So the media talking about the argo's not being profitable is THE joke. The NBA has refs fixing games, the NHL allows criminals to own their teams (a lot of whom lose more money then the argos could dream of), MLS has only a handful of franchises currently profitable, etc.

Every league has problem franchises, even the NFL cough Jacksonville cough