Taffee's 2 point convert attempt????

I may have missed this elsewhere on the site

But WTF?

Did he explain himself in the post game show? Thanks

We would have gotten it if our guy wasn't smothered by that defender. Maybe I'm wrong but to me (with a few cold ones in me) it looked like that defender was practically on top of the receiver.

If the cats had gotten that 2 points plus a field goal they would have won the game. Charlie was going for a win not a tie....which to me shows that hes hungry for a win.

I think CT was banking on the momentum they built up near the end by scoring that touchdown. Either way it wouldn't have mattered because the following play we didn't recover that onside kick (that BC obviously knew was coming).

Stupid play. My blood pressure went through the roof. Everyone, players and coaches, have to take a deep breath and give their heads a shake.

They should have just kicked the convert instead of that stupid two point conversion. Its like a 10% of recovernig the onside kick anyway, so the game was basically outta reach.

Does it matter now?

I like the message that was sent to the team...we are going for the win...if they would have been fortunate enough to recover the onside then the kick would have been for the win...good on Coach T.

I like Taafe’s style. I’ve had enough of the boring Ticats of the past. At least it made the game interesting to watch, and if it worked (which it would have if Banks didn’t interfere with the receiver) fans would be singing a different tune about Taafe’s gamble.

IMO, the single would be the right thing to do.

I liked it.

Going for the tie gives you a 50/50 chance to win the game.

Question is: What are the odds of getting a two point convert? If you think it’s better than 50/50, then you go for it.

I think it is better than 50/50. I’d much rather be in control of my own destiny with one offensive play from the five yard line, than flipping a coin.

I guess I'm with the minority here....I liked the call. And as several people have pointed out...we would have had it if we had half decent officials who actually knew the rule book. Banks was draped all over the Ticat receiver tighter than the t-shirt on a Hooters girl..yet no call????? WTF?

And I won't even begin to rant about the so-called spearing penalty against Anderson or the pass interference against Karikari???? Absolute BS! Talk about determining the outcome of a game.

I think the 2 point convert attempt was just another aggressive call that Taaffe made on the night. Remember, he also went for it on 3rd and 1 on the BC 30 in the first quarter instead of kicking the field goal. We also tried to block a punt this game, which I think is the first time we did that; usually we try and set up the return. Overall I think he called a more aggressive game, I remember thinking that numerous times over the course of the game.

I was surprised he went for 2, especially considering the fact that when we didn’t get it, it basically the killed momentum we had going after the TD. I would have kicked the convert and hoped for the best on the onside kick.

i too thought he showed more aggressiveness last night. good to see he is dusting off more and more plays each week from the vaunted playbook.

the 2 pt conv attempt was just plain dumb. ther is a time and place for aggressiveness and that wasn't it. whatever chance the tabbies had evaporated with that one.

Not going for the single PAT late in last nights game has got to be by far the worst ever game play decision by any coach in Tiger Cat, WildCat, Flying Wildcats, Tiger, or Alert history.

Where will coach Taaffe find the nerve to discuss discipline with the players at the next practice?

i wouldn't go that far, but definitely a brain cramp.

its quite simple taffe wanted to win and had confidence he would get the ball back and score if they kicked the convert and they got the ball back it would be tied.

If it worked he would have been called a genius and there would have been a parade for him when they return to Hamilton.

I realize the safeties were for field position but given Setta’s abilities I wonder more about why we gave up the second safety then trying for the two point convert for the possibility of going for the win.

I would have kicked the ball instead of taking the second safety.

Fire Taffe...Let's get Lancaster back...

I might be way off but I think Taffe knew the chances of winning were slim, but he wanted to show the team he has confidence and show the other teams we are going to be very aggresive and coming after them. I also think he was damn proud of the way team competed in the BC game and might have wanted to turn the negative media spotlight on himself to give the team break this week.

(Maybe after all the botched calls he figured the refs owed us one if the play was close. Guess not :roll:)

I liked that the coach actually wanted to WIN the game. Haven't seen that for quite awhile. Had they made it (obvious pass interference aside) they would have been quite motivated for the ensuing short kick.