Taffe quote in Toronto Sun

Our coach was quoted in todays Sun. It is a short article but read the last two paragraphs. Not quite sure how to take the fact that he "laughed"

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Football/2008/09/07/6687656-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Footba ... 6-sun.html[/url]

Will leave it up to everyone to decide what he meant. If indeed he has given up, what then?

I think he laughed because he knows it was a silly question.There IS no hope for us and the playoffs!

He could at least fake a little confidence. But that would take effort.

8) Charlie is just being realistic !! Does anyone actually think that this team will make the playoffs ??
Cats will be very hard pressed to win another game this year, let alone secure a playoff position.

he wasn't laughing as if he's given up-he was laughing at the mere suggestion ala jim mora-playoffs? playoffs? you wanna talk about playoffs?

he's simply saying that they have alot of other pressing concerns at this point as opposed to making the playoffs. he hasn't quit-only bobby petrino quits on his team.


If I was a player on the Ticats, I would be discouraged having my coach laugh off a playoff spot at this point in the season.

Yes, chances are remote. I am no fool.

As a leader of a team, you should never start a meeting by saying what boils down to:

No matter what we do, we won't really succeed.

This is a failure of leadership.

A good leader would instead turn the challenge around and give the team a message more like, "we are longshots, let's go out there and practice hard and prove everyone wrong."

Instead, Taffe is writing off the season. And that is a major de-motivator for a group to hear.

You are 100 per cent right astrolab. It's called leadership. this team has none. It's the real reason they are playing like crap. Good leadership can mask a lot of rookie mistakes ... Did you see what the Riders did today...with a team full of rookies replacing injured starters.

He had no confidence on 3rd and inches...so why would he have confidence now in the team making the playoffs?

Right on Wallace: The Cats are better without a head coach rather than have one dragging down any semblance of confidence they might have built up.

thank god for the dallas cowboys, now I dont have to watch this stuff no more later all.

He has lost this team. Other than money issues, I do not see a reason for keeping Taffe around.

This latest article is even worse, not for Taffe but how about Printers and wearing last games wrist band.

[url=http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080907.ticats08/GSStory/GlobeSportsFootball/home]http://www.globesports.com/servlet/stor ... tball/home[/url]

That's funny. I saw during the TSN broadcast RW giving his wristband Casey during that timeout. I didnt really wonder what was going on.

Would this be a QB error or a coaching staff error?

..........all charlie would of had to say is.....it ain't over until the fat lady sings.........

Remember during camp when Bob Young went to meet the players and told them he was looking forward to seeing them make the playoff. Taffe wouldn't even suport that idea then.

Anyway there isn't any accountability in that organisation...

Despite what has been said, I would not be surprised to see coaching changes this week. It's one thing to lose the game, it's another to be embarrassed.

8) That would be a QB error !! :roll:

you dont know that for sure.

Hello... check the standing. If we can end in a tie with Toronto for 2nd, we get the Play-off spot for having beat the Argos 2-1 in the series this season. It ain't over yet :thup:

why didnt obie just become interim coach, he needs to be coach, so he can evaluate who to keep and who not to keep.