Taffe has 2 games

If i were Obie I'd give Taffe until the break before labour day, if he doesn't win a game he's gone.

So that is why it is called a “bye” week !

win a game? i'd say he has to win the next 2 games

obie's the type i think that won't stand pat like past gm's. if his mind is made up then it will be sooner.
don't forget about the rough goings on with the charlie college fiasco and wonder if obie's been looking for an out with taaffe

Two things that might save Charlie this season:

1- if they fire him now they will be stuck with his salary until the end of 2009. So they may want to wait until after this season. I think the salary issue was a big part of the decision to keep him this season, along with the optimism over Casey.
2 - it may be too late already. 1-5 will be tough to overcome this season no matter who they bring in. And there will be more choices in the off-season.
I would love to have seen Charlie produce a winner and have been the coach for the future but it just has not worked out.

Maybe they want to wait out of spite for the WVU window of opportunity to completely close before they cut him loose?

That's crazy. This team can't wait for two more games. Two more days maybe. Two more games and we will have all of 20 people in the stands.