Taffe Firing Press Conference!

Does anybody know if the conference will be on tv or the net at 1:30 today? I'm curious to watch it.

Live here: http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-tv- … conference

Thanks Captain!

What a Mess :frowning:

I don't consider it a mess. We either realize in these last 8 games that Taffe was an idiot or he knew what he was doing with the talent he had.

This moves keeps us on 2 wins for the rest of the season. The way WPG played yesterday, we don't have a chance next Friday. Forget about Edmonton this week.

By the way, since Doug Flutie will be in town next week, he can just stay and coach us, isn't that the rumour?

Fortunately my popcorn is microwavable. LOL Which spin cycle is this club on now? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We'll see how Marcel meets this challenge. It's a BIG one, no doubt.

Oski Wee Wee,

Taffe is an IDIOT?
I think that Taffe is a GENIOUS.
Look here - I knew all along Taffe didn't want to coach Hamilton. That is why he was looking south. When the word got out, he back-peddled, and INSISTED he wants to 'straighten this out'.
Meanwhile, he gets a guarenteed contract, money in the bank, win or lose.
If he gets fired (like he did) - he takes the money and runs, and STILL has his position down south.
Unfortunately, the only fool here is OBIE, 'cause he bought Taffe's story hook, line, and STINKER.
Get the point???

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Why does Kenny (and by extension the Spec) say the conference is at 1pm...while every other media outlet...and the team site...say 130?

I never called Taffe an IDIOT. I said if we win some games the rest of the year, he’ll look like an idiot cuz someone else can get this team to win.

Taffe is not a genius. If he was a genius, we would be in first place. Taffe is a good coach. And like all good coaches, you need talent. We had the good coach but not the talent. The saying is, you can’t fire the players, so you fire the coach.

I like Chuck! Just a bad situation. When upstairs is changing, how can you feel secure in your job?

Taffe a "good coach". Stop the hilarity!

the cfl s.ucks when your bad, at least in the NBA, NFL, NHL, you can tank games and wait for a top draft pick, with the way this team drafts, they will probably draft some some injury prone CIS kid that can even make the practice roster.

Obie said what was expeced I think.

It'll be interesting to see what Marcel has to say see if we get any inidcation how things will change for him.

I highly doubt colleges in the south will look the same at a coach who coached so badly in a "bush league from the north."

Marcel says they'll be more agressive in all three phases of the game and that McManus will have more responsiblities for the offence.

I wish we knew who did the actual play calling and how much which coaches influenced that.

He did mention more screen passes too!

But does this mean that we are actually going to use the screen pass? I don't think so. We have used the running back screen maybe once this year and have many ill-fated attempts on receiver screens.

Now everyone will be focusing on Jesse running and screen catching.

We are not going to improve under Bellfool. We may show a little flash at the beginning of the Edmonton game but the season is a write off.

Does he really believe that we can go 6-2 down the stretch?

I hate when Obie said oh the cats 2 blow outs come off the short week. The first one is understandable but against BC. There is no excuse.

BC had to come to eastern Canada twice in the last week and a half. We should have taken advantage of that. We were home for the whole week.

I hate the excuses and then say that they aren't excuses. Don't bring it up then.

I'm very frustrated right now. Nothing is going to change. Danny Mac still has the dumb playbook that Bellfool created.

Danny will get a free pass for the rest of the season because it's not his playbook and he won't be making the play selection all by himself.

Obie and Marcel said basically what I expected them to say. They realize that if there is any chance for the Cats to win a playoff spot, the miracle begins yesterday! LOL

Bob's big theme for me was the need for consistency. We all know that the club needs major upgrades in key areas, but the emphasis has to be getting the most of the available talent week to week.

Now the flipside is fixing what is fixable re preparation and gameplanning. The jury is out whether Marcel as coach is going to get better at adjusting things. I'm not sold here.

Nonetheless, the fact that Marcel said that Danny is going to have more responsibilities on the offesive side made my day. Let's see what it turns out to be and how Danny fares in his expanded role!

Oski Wee Wee,

Bellefuelle impressed me with his intelligence at the press conference. I like that he said that we need to be more agressive, and that he said "Printers is the QB for now...he still has some game," meaning Printers better win or he will sit in favor of Williams or even Porter.

And hopefully with D-Mac contributing to the offensive game plan, we will throw down field more.

I'm glad they made these changes. At least now Ticat fans have hope that the team's performance won't be another dismal zerox copy of the week before.

The two blow outs after a short week is fact.

Why do you hate that he brings that up?

I thought it was an astute insight, espceially when he attributed it to the young players who are not used to that. It's not an excuse, but it's an explanantion based on fact and the opinion of an experienced football mind that makes perfect sense.

You may hate to hear that, I enjoy such insight.

I hate it because he follows it up with, "this is not an excuse". It is fact and I totally agree with it but Edmonton was playing 3 games in 10 days, the ended up staying locally after their toronto game. They too had a short week and had no time to go back home.

BC was in Mtl last Saturday, flew home and came back for this past Saturday's game.

I never heard from either team that they weren't tired or any excuses.

I agree to disagree with you Captain, I feel that it was an excuse. I like hearing though that the players are younger and not used to it.

This is why I love the forum, everyone has their own opinions and they get debated.

8) Are you serious ?? Taaffe could have a job tomorrow back in a US college programme, if he were to even want it at this point !!
He gets paid by the Cats for this year and next year also, so why would he worry or care ???