Tad Kornegay,

Since we traded Tad Kornegay out west because he wasn't good enough for the Cat's, we haven't been able to replace him. Tad was a great cover man and sure tackler, but not good enough for the Cats.
Oh yah...I guess Airiban Justin wasn't good enough either for the halfback spot but Tillman figured he was good enough to play for the Green Riders.
Go figure.....

Winning must taste very sweet for those guys and all of the others we sent there ... I am starting to question Desjardin's player evaluation skills.

Tad Kornegay was not a good cover guy. He always seemed to be around his guy but he never made a play when he needed to.

Really they havent done much this season.

i agree Tad did have great coverage but he never made a play on the ball there-fore the recievers always caught the ball

kinda like a guy that used to play here named Rodney Heath (dont no if any1 else remembers him) and he always had great coverage but never made a play on the ball

Are you sure about that ... Flick and Boreham seem to be playing well, Smith is contributing after recovering from an injury and Justin is holding his own.

And you know Holmes will contribute.

But you continue to think that way mate.

Don't forget that with DBs, the less you hear about them the better. As in, if you don't hear their names called, it's because they're doing their job and shutting down their receivers.

I also am starting to question Desjardins's personnel decisions, and the coaching staff's ability to evaluate talent. Let's not forget Kamau Peterson who is having a banner year in Edmonton and making people forget the nickname 'Kamau Incompleterson'.

Unfortunately, Marcel and the boys don't know the difference between a player and a want to be player.......

Kornegay was a good cover guy. He certainly struggled his first game out against the Argos, but this guy was very talented. He not only was a good cover man but he was a solid tackler. He also could run back kicks. I did recall coach Sal calling him the best cover man in camp last year.
I get the feeling that a lot of talented players were let go from last years team, with the thinking they'd be easy to replace. Our D last year was superior to this years edition.

With all the good cover guys and great players we let go one can only imagine that the problem is with the person who is drawing up the defenses. Good defense will always keep you in the game. We need rock solid defense if this team is going anywhere. Something I might add we have not seen in ages.

One thing I notice is that your DBs play way too far off the receivers most of the time, like they're always afraid of being burned for a big gain. But as a result, you can run ball-control offense against them all day long because they'll always give you the five-yard cushion. And that puts a lot of pressure on your pass rush every down. Sometimes you just need your secondary to step up and make plays, whether it be knocking balls down or picking off the quarterback.