Tad Kornegay placed on waivers by Riders

From TSN:

It appears Tad Kornegay is one player who may pay the price for the Roughriders tough start.

With Saskatchewan at 0-3 out of the gate, the team has placed the defensive back on waivers.

Should a team try to claim him on waivers, Saskatchewan could try and make a trade with the team.

Should there be no takers, the Roughriders will release the seven-year CFL pro.

Based on a tweet sent out on Tuesday night, Kornegay knew that his time with the Roughriders was coming to an end.

"#RiderNation sorry to say but as od (sp) Midnight I will no longer be a Roughrider. On Waivers. I know...#notsmart I wish it wasn't true," read Kornegay's account @Thadito.

A later tweet by Kornegay promised more words, once things become official.

"So with that said about my Waiver....I will wait til tomorrow to air things out lol...if you know me this should be interesting!!"

Kornegay has spent the past five seasons with Saskatchewan. He started his CFL career with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2005.

The Fordham product had three tackles in two games this season.

The Roughriders head to Montreal to take on the Grey Cup champion Alouettes on Sunday.


Big mistake. Richie Hall should be gone not Tad. If they are only doing this to make a statement - the statement they are making is that they don't know what the h*ll they are doing or what they can do to improve our team. Good move for the rest of the CFl but not so good for the Riders IMHO.

......and the wheels keep coming off the wagon in riderville....Kornegay is a decent player...He didn't look that great in the last game against the hammer but there may be a deeper reason for that :wink: ...He looks like a scapegoat for the rider poor performance up till now... Someone will pick him up..Who's next ?...They're kind of down on Durant right now :roll:

He had a really bad game last week but it isn't easy to find a DB with 7 years of CFL experience who is under 30 years of age. Someone will take a chance on him once he clears waivers.

I think Cates is the next guy who will see some competition.

Cates has been the only consistent guy on the team. I for one think he is safe.

As for Kornegay, I just think he fell into a defence where his skills were not compatible. Trying to use him as a CB was just not going to happen as he can't cover the top guys. He was awesome in Etchevary's crazy defense as a LB but as a pure defensive back I just don't see it happening.

Thanks Tad for your service, good luck in the future.

Agreed Billy. . . I think he's a far better LB than he is a corner. Moving him back to the secondary was not a good move, in my opinion.

But that is the problem he is not a very big guy, so in a traditional Hall type defence Kornegay as a LB is just not possible.

Taman said in an interview that this was not meant to be a statement to the players. It is to free up Cap Space (to who ever we go after in Free Agency or else where) and that Tad was not fitting in the current system was wasn't happy playing in the defensive secondary and wanted to be playing @ the linebacker spot. Also him being injured was a huge factor as well...

Very interesting, all the best to him.

Yup, Cates is like Cobourne, great backs, but new guys on the way so give me a GC appearance or close to now and leadership or bye, bye. It’s pro sports afterall.

If im not mistaken, Kornegay is a Starter. and as of this morning, he was officially released. SO who replaces him? they must have a backup they are confident with. if not, hyland?

Apparently, James Patrick was practicing this week. Not sure whether he was at safety or corner, though.

Oh I'd pass on Hyland. . . he was pretty brutal with the Lions this season. . .

Tristan Jackson is next on the depth chart I believe.

Jackson seems like a good go on that!

In my opinion this is a complete load of crap. It's a message cut, nothing more. If it's a cap space cut then where's the new guy brought in?

He needs DBs, cuts one, and misses picking up Jerome Dennis.

He says Kornegay wasn't comfortable playing a new position. Pure crap. He was DB that Etch switched to LB with some success, then Hall switched him back to DB because "it was his natural position". If it's his natural position, then why was he uncomfortable with it? If it wasn't his natural position then Hall shouldn't have moved him there.

Unless Taman uses that cap space for an impact signing this week, he's lying. It's not funny. It's a message cut, blaming his locker room for his own inability to provide defensive talent to said locker room. Brendan, if you're reading this, consider me telling this to your face.

Korengay hasn't looked good this season, however I do disagree with releasing him outright. The guy is versatile and can play both DB and LB and as such is valuable. I think he played bad enough to be lose his starting position, however I don't quite agree with the release.

James Patrick was our best defensive player last year and he's only played 1 game thus far. We need to get him back into a position to make plays. If taking Kornegay out of the lineup is a way to get Patrick in, than I think the Riders made the right decision.

But he was making too much money to be a back-up.

From TSN:

The winless B.C. Lions have made a move to improve their defensive secondary.

Defensive back Tad Kornegay agreed to terms with the club on Thursday just over a week after being released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

According to the Vancouver Province, Lions general manager and head coach Wally Buono said that Kornegay will join the team next week.

In a surprise move last week, the Roughriders released Kornegay after dropping their third straight game to open the season.

Kornegay will shore up a B.C. secondary that has given up a league-worst 316 yards per game and 135 yards on the ground.


Would that not involve you saying your name?