Tad Kornegay as a returner

Where's that been all year? I was impressed his abilities as a returner. Decisive and quick, unlike Yeast and Quinnie.

I'd sure like to see more of him returning kicks.


An Argo fan

didn’t we have Goss or Martin doin it for a while?

Goss returned some punts last year (maybe the year before) and looked pretty good. Martin may have returned some kickoffs.

we have had a tone of returners over the past few years. goss and martin were both 2 years ago

In the last two years, the Ticats have experimented with quite a few players on punt and kickoff returns. I don’t recall Goss returning any, although I think Martin returned a few. And I’m quite sure Kornegay returned a few punts and kicks last season, and did not do as well.

It was good to see how well Kornegay could do. He made the most of the opportunity he got, as he would not get many with other players that were on the team this year. With Holmes, Fowlkes, Lumsden, and former Ticats like Quinnie, Hill and Yeast, Kornegay would not get many opportunities. And with Nate Curry coming in, he might not get many more. Speaking of Curry, I hope to see him play in that last regular season game.