Taco Relish and Football

a little tidbit I stumbled across

These Things Are Disappearing Because Millennials Refuse To Use Them - Taco Relish


Great find FYB! Demographic trends as they correlate or not with pop culture is something I have followed as a hobby for much of my life.

I also wonder, given some of the examples, if that article was written in 2019 or before given how the pandemic has affected some of the content (i.e. reclining chairs at the cinema and public gyms).

Until about 2012, most mass marketing was targeted to the Baby Boomer generation. Such was less the case sooner in very populous areas and more the case afterwards in less populous areas.

With some staid old trends, GOOD RIDDANCE! And with many others, "wow, they really screwed up to let that one go" and the like.

Good Riddance

Breakfast Cereal - HATED it most of my life
Movie Theatres
Fabric Softener
Cruise Ships
Cable TV
Shopping Malls

Screwed Up To Let 'Em Go

Use of carbon fuels is not going away in my lifetime though alternatives will increase in use. It's not even close given the situation on the ground worldwide.

Casual Dining


Wine Corks

Canned Tuna

Still Use Because I'm Older Now and/or Indifferent

Soap Bars

Diamonds (not fighting the ladies on this one, I'm good with them)

Napkins / Serviettes


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