Tabulating Free Agency

Boy for a group who defended Trestman like Crockett at the Alamo you sure have turned quickly.

Very successful coaches, Parcells and Belichek , to name two do not allow assistant coaches to talk to the media. Its very common in NFL. After all that is where Popp is hiring from.
Most organizations in fact say where there is media coverage we will have one voice.

And of course popp would say there was enough talent on last years team to win. he assembled it.

if you remember his coaching stint...he was forever throwing people under the bus.

He still does it.

But so be it. I personally think hes a fraud who's been unbelievably lucky.

no other QBs
a billionnaire owner who loves him like a son
works from his kitchen at his parents house
a president who fired him as a coach and kept the pouting fellow as GM. THAT saved his career.

All that said I agree that Trestman's "take a knee" stuff was off ...but religiousity seems rampant in football. I think that is a fraud too.

Man I am cranky.
then he had president fired.

Edmonton gave Ham to Baltimore and HC Mathews knew him well
Hamilton gave up on Calvillo and he backed up Ham in Montreal

Popp has never had to recruit a QB.

Buono recruited Garcia, dickenson, printers (he was MOP) lulay, on and on etc
Campbell in Edm recuited moon, allen, dunnigan,ham,ray
Hufnagel: Tate (we'll see)

popp: Ted White, Mcpherson


So your only measuring stick for a GM is recruiting quarterbacks ? Paul Jones recruited Ricky Ray.

Gotta agree on that main point, wholeheartedly.

But can we impose now a moratorium on the use of nicknames like Brutus and Cassius? I suggest it's run it course.

I respect him as a football mind. That hasn't changed and won't change. But the way he left was utterly unacceptable to me. I don't see why that's "turning." That's simply being honest enough to revise one's opinion in the face of fresh evidence.

As for Trestman's religion in the locker room thing, I have never been a fan of it.

He played everybody... happens. Karma is a biatch. I am just hoping that the organization has learned something from it in regards to contracts.

Me too. As for Popp, I'm not happy with him either, and definitely feel that he's fallen off in the past two years, but to say that he's a "fraud" is over the top IMO. There's more to building a winner than the quarterback. Yes, he was lucky enough to have Ham and Calvillo fall into his lap, but he also worked tirelessly for a long time surrounding the QB with the right team to be successful. We've drafted well and developed many great players on both sides of the ball.

All right, Julius Caesar, watch your back. :stuck_out_tongue:

He signed Calvillo when nobody wanted him, he renewed him six times, three of those under the SMS. So he gets the benefit. That's how it works.

Messed up my nesting in an earlier post sorry about that Slant

I think a fraud is taking it too far. He did sign Ham and AC so he gets to reap the benefits and he's always given AC a top notch oline and targets. For many years he was the hardest working GM in the league but that's long come and gone. I just want him to fix the mess he and his buddy created and then hopefully he will find a job in the US and we'll be done with him.

He broke Ben Cahoon into the league, picked Anwar Stewart up off the scrap heap, and has maintained an elite offensive line for years now (all-Canadian since Bourke and Perrett came into the league). Three of our current receivers are home-grown: Green came along in our system, London too, and we were the ones who saw the potential in Richardson in 2008. Popp was also the guy who did his best to keep Avon Cobourne on the team when Bellefeuille saw no place for Avon in the 2007 offense. He brought Billy Parker into the league from Arena football. He got all our draft picks signed last year and Lavoie is already a key part of the offense. Like I said, I'm not happy with Popp recently, but you have to give the devil his due, even if he will in all likelihood be scouting the US for NFL jobs next offseason...

All valid points. Time will tell what transpires with Whitaker.

I do believe it is a large part of a GM measuring stick. if as GM, you and your organization cannot recruit and/or develop a good QB then you will be fired. Popp has been very fortunate in this area. He hasn't brought one into the league that has stuck anywhere and he's had two HOFers his whole career. The one period of time when Calvillo was out for extensive time the team was horrid. He's never had a contingency plan. If calvillo ever went down I suggest the house of cards would've been popped. But you are use of term fraud is over the top probably. Probably.

Printers had one good season. Thought he could make it south of the border, came back and was never the same QB. Can hardly call Printers a "solid" recruit unless one season is a measuring stick.

And while Hamilton gave up on Calvillo, he had never amounted to a solid QB to that point in time. It was when the Als (Popp) picked him up and had him as the backup to Ham eventually taking over when Ham went down to injuries. As a GM, I would say that was a solid "recruit" or "signing" by the GM Popp.

yup true. no question.
i'm just down on this whole thing.
i'll stop.

All we can do is hope for the best. It will be an interesting TC.

Hope you keep speaking your mind.

[quote="disciplineandpunish"Name me ONE ex-teammate of Bruce's that has said he's a cancer in the locker room. You can't, because they don't exist. So really, this line of inquiry is nothing but your speculation and apparent dislike for Bruce.
Avon Cobourne