Table hockey game that you own

Having seen a picture of a table hockey game in one of the posts, wouldn't mind knowing how many out there have played and/or owned a game.


...they are great fun! I remember as a kid we would bend the players sticks to create a curve, figuring this would increase the shot speed. No idea if it did or not, but we did it kids had one that not only rotated the players but each controller had a plunger you’d depress with you thumb that would result in the player ‘snapping’ a wrist was pretty cool...

Still have the Coleco NHL Power Play hockey.

Broken down.

Wouldn't mind finding another one.

I had one as a kid. The players had Minnesota and St Louis uniforms. Not exactly the most inspiring combination in the 70s. lol

Had the Leafs and Canadiens.

I think there are the only two that you get when buying the game.

Owned one as a kid for sure! Probably played it less than twenty times total though; definitely better as an idea than an actual thing. :slight_smile:

Had a Jean Beliveau table-top game ... but with plastic sticks instead of flat, all-metal players ... let you cradle the puck ... Habs vs Leafs

cant remember if I ever owned one. Played a lot of them. It was fun

Much better than foosball.

The trick was to get your wingers to feed it to the centre. You then slammed the rod forward and if you timed it just right then you would score almost every time. Fun stuff. :grinning:

That's the way to do it.

I was killer off the right wing for some reason ... on some of the bubble top games you can be killer with the right-D with the puck just beside the net