Tabbies @ Boatmen thread

Expecting a big game from both teams, kick-off 7:00 EST. Notable player occurances:

Garrett McIntyre (DE) fit to play, but unsaid if he will.
Airese Currie (WR) take off IR list and put on active roster

Possible sit-outs- Adriano Belli DT (Injury), Byron Parker DB (Injury), Reggie McNeal (Injury).
Jarrett Payton (RB) has left the team.

Jonathon Brown DE

24-20...Toronto. Don't ask me why but I do think Hamilton is a .500 team, think they end the season 9-9. And the Argos have to snap that home losing streak...this is as good a week as any. 8)

Well, I'm off to Wendy's to get dinner (let HfxTC start in with the Wendy's jokes). Hopefully when I get back, it'll be 10-0 for Hamilton! :smiley:

Can someone explain to me why its retro uni's again in the east but the west seems to stay away from them. Getting tired of them actually.

yea, i agree. the retros are played out.

rod blacks commentary puts me to sleep. hes sooo boring.

But that just means we get the good commentators for the good game. :smiley:

And yes, the whole retro thing... Sooo played. :roll:


EE have worn theirs once...what gives?

what good commentators?
i hope your not including suiter in that statement.

wow, high school out there. Ya gotta catch those dude.

Wow Rod Black is deep, "turn over" "turn around" very clever.

Which drop are referring to? This is f-ugly… :expressionless:

LOL no doulbt

He's certainly better than the douches calling this game. :wink:

On another note, could the Argos actually win one at home? :o The sky isn't falling...

"I guess you could call them Lionbackers since that's where they all came from." :lol: Man, he's just full of gems tonight.

i dont know about that.

Suiter praises Bishop's arm strength, then rips him for the exact same thing, then praises him for it, then rips him for it. i dont need him to tell me the same point everyother play dozens of times a game, every bomber game.
the Bishop thing is just one example....

he reminds me of those dolls, where you pull the string on the back and it talks, but only the same 5-10 lines over and over and over.

I think we all collectively snickered and shook our heads at that one... :?

I haven’t actually noticed that, drummer. I’ll have to pay attention on Sunday when he calls the Prairies Re-match.

Another thing that bugs me about Rod Black is the insanely long pauses he takes… “DeAndra Cobb… … …is the type of back…” It’s almost like he’s consulting a list of comments, and he’s deciding which comment on the list he wants to use. :lol:

Oh great thanks Chief!!! thats all I hear now are his pauses. " Wrapped up.....brought down"

Or this world class bungle…“Jason Tuckerrrr…in your life!” :roll: