Tabbies beat Sask. - Who will miss post-season???

Hamilton & Edmonton are 8-9. So will B.C. be 8-9 if they lose at home to Calgary tonight (Calgary's beaten the Lions twice already this season).

Assuming that the real Alouettes show up this week, Winnipeg will be 7-10 and would host Hamilton for the last game of the regular season, while B.C. plays Edmonton. Possible final outcomes are:

Wpg. 9-9, 8-10 (IN) or 7-11(OUT)
Ham. 9-9 (IN) or 8-10 (OUT - WPG WOULD WIN TIE-BREAKER)
B.C. 10-8, 9-9 (IN) or 8-10 (OUT IF WPG GOES 8-10 or better)
Edm. 9-9 (IN) or 8-10 (OUT IF WPG GOES 8-10 or better)

In summary, it looks like whoever wins the last game of their regular season makes the playoffs. The cross-over rule makes the playoff picture more exciting!

Down to the wire thats for sure, exciting football.

I have faith the Bombers COULD win tomorrow but have a feeling they won't.

of Course Nov 8 is for 2nd between Winnipeg and Hamilton there is no other way, and it may turn out that our playoff hopes are 2nd place or bust if we lose tomorrow.

Playoff picture will be more clear tonight.

A B.C. Loss means the Ticats are in the playoffs,
Winnipeg win tomorrow means no crossover.
This is unless BC and Edmonton tie their last game of the season.

B.C. win tonight means they are playing in the West playoffs.

So guess my best bet is to cheer for a B.C. loss and a Winnipeg win!

Ticats have been awful on the road but if Winnipeg get's beat in Montreal plus the short week, the Ticats on a two game win streak might upset the Bombers. Should be a hell of a game.

I'm not betting against Ricky Ray with the playoff on the line for the Eskimos next week.

B.C. loses and goes to 8-9. The loser of next week's Edm.-B.C. game (in B.C.) doesn't make the playoffs if Wpg. finishes at 8-10 or better. If Wpg. loses their next 2 games, there will be a west crossover.
A B.C.-Edmonton tie is improbable, but not impossible.

?? I thought that the loser of a CFL OT game still got 1 point--when did this change, or was I mistaken??

From checking the standings from past seasons at, the rule appears to have been changed after the 2002 season.

I think this is a pretty good explanation:

If Winnipeg wins today:
Hamilton and Winnipeg both make the playoffs
B.C. and Edmonton tie next week, in which case Edmonton crosses over to play the winner of the Winnipeg-Hamilton game
Hamilton and Winnipeg tie next week, in which case Winnipeg will play the semi-final in Hamilton.

If Winnipeg loses today:
Winnipeg will miss the playoffs
Winnipeg beats Hamilton next week, in which case Hamilton will play the semi-final in Winnipeg
B.C. and Edmonton tie next week, in which case Edmonton crosses over to play Winnipeg in the semi-final.

Barring an improbable second tie game of the year Hamilton will make the playoffs so theyve all but mathematically made the playoffs. I also get the feeling that Kevin Glenn will have an incredible game against the bombers wanting to stick it to his former team that tossed him aside at the beginning of the year. So winnipeg is my pick to miss the playoffs

Winnipeg was frustrated by Kevin Glenn's inconsistency near the end of last season, but it was his perceived lack of intestinal fortitude and leadership that persuaded most Bomber fans that it was time for him to go. He just hasn't displayed that mean streak that would motivate him "to stick it to his former team."

The Bombers will win.

I bet they will. They threw us off the last time by switching from a 3 play offensive playbook to a 6 play offensive playbook, so I will give them that one. This one is still yet to be determined, the Cat's are red hot coming off a two game winning streak and spanking the #1 team in the west. The last three games we haven't surrender a sack or thrown an interception. Should be a good game.

Edmonton Beats BC to get third place
Hamilton Beats Winnipeg to host BC on the Playoff game.

Winnipeg misses the playoffs

Winnipeg fires Mike Kelly and Hires another Coach so they can pay 3 head Coaches under contract! :lol: :lol:

Hamilton is in regardless if they win or lose.

certainly makes things interesting now going into the final week. I think Winnipeg, after a great second half, is the most trouble to be eliminated.