Tabbie fans, fire up Winnipeg...


Bombers kicker Troy Westwood defended his hometown against slur by Hamilton press, but admits it helps get the competitive juices flowing. (C. Procaylo, Sun)
The insert in an edition of the Hamilton Spectator sports section last week was a slap in Winnipeg's face.

The 4-2 Blue Bombers were about to take on the 1-5 Tiger-Cats in a CFL contest and the two-page spread simply said: "I'd rather be 1-5 than from Winnipeg."

That, of course, was before the Bombers beat Hamilton 29-0, dropping the 'Cats to 1-6, but the insult was still fresh in many Bombers' minds as they prepared for Friday's re-match yesterday.

"Hamilton is just a flat-out ugly city," responded kicker Troy Westwood, a native Manitoban. "But I like playing there. It's a hard-working, blue-collar town and they take their football seriously.

"I like it when press do things like that, though, because it gets the juices going between cities and teams and it just adds to rivalries. We all know it's a joke. This is the Paris of the Prairies right here. It's all good."

You may recall that, because of Westwood's tongue-in-cheek insults of Saskatchewan Roughriders' fans, the Banjo Bowl was created.


And some Bombers did get a laugh out of the Spectator spread.

"I don't know if they've spent that much time in Winnipeg," said defensive end Tom Canada, who hails from California. "I mean, Hamilton makes Winnipeg look like Vegas.

"Hamilton's got its own beauty but Winnipeg's where it's at, in my opinion."

Defensive lineman Jon Oosterhuis concurred.

"They've got to try to find some humour over there," said the Fergus, Ont., native, who now makes his home here. "It was just one of those things. I thought it was kind of funny because I wouldn't be printing too much of that stuff. I was born and raised in southern Ontario and you think, 'Winnipeg,' and you don't have too high expectations of it. But when you come here and you live here for awhile, you realize it's a real nice place to stay. Compared to Hamilton, I really like my place here and I really like the places around here."

But former Ticat Chris Brazzell was incredulous.

"I heard them saying that in the crowd," he said. "They'd rather be 1-5 than be from Winnipeg? Hamilton probably has to be the dirtiest city of all the CFL teams so if they like that crap, that nasty city that I stayed in for a couple of months, well, Winnipeg, to me, is a far more better little place to live in than Hamilton."

Even Chris Cvetkovich, who was born in Hamilton, took umbrage with the anti-Winnipeg message.

"I love Winnipeg. I like playing here so let them say whatever they want, I'd rather be here than Hamilton, period," said the long-snapper.

The Riders hold "Burris Sucks" signs, Hamilton does this, yet Winnipeg fans are classless...

here's a quote from a Bomber Season Ticket holder...
Bombers fans have voiced their discontent over Hamilton's attack, finding humour in the burg it's come from.

"As someone who has visited Hamilton on many occasions, this is out of character for the people of that fine city," Bombers season ticket-holder John Morris said.

"That being said, I'd take living in Winnipeg under former coach Jeff Reinebold than ever living in Hamilton. Winnipeg is a far better city."

Winnipeg may be a far better city, I don't know, I have never lived there, just passed through it, but it is flat as friggin pancake, no vista views like we have of Lake Ontario from the Niagara Escapement, no harbourfront like we have with gorgeous walking trails, and Winnipeg is far from really big cities like Toronto which even though we all like to trash Hogtown and call it this or that, it does have some nice amenities that are worth the 50 minute drive ie. great sick kids hospital that is one of the best in the world which is often needed, shopping districts and restaurants that smaller cities don't have enough of variety and choice wise... Winnipeg may not have steel factories but it is, well, in the absolute middle of nowwhere in a grassy field not close to anything.

Its the capital of Manitoba, what exactly should it be close to?

i’d rather be from winnipeg than hamilton.

hamilton is in need of a make-over…too many run-down buildings.

too bad tho, cuz its in a very nice location, with the mountain and overlookin the lake…too bad the people who have run the city have let it fall apart.

civilization :twisted:

being in BC and watching people comment on which is better between winnipeg and hamilton is like living in paradise and watch others argue over which is better between purgatory and hades :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

Ah yes, BC, beautiful looking province for sure but those of us who make about $27.00 per hour would be living in poverty there from what I've heard about house prices and that. Not good for us average folk.

I have never made 27 per hr. You must be rich. The best I ever made was 25 on contract, no benifits, sigh

We actually lose money everymonth on our budget, however, the monthly increase in value on our home more than make up for it (fingers crossed)

Depends on what you like. Some people like being close to big metro areas, some prefer to stay away from areas like that. I side with the later. being a short drive away in any direction from cabin country has it's pluses too :wink:

As long as a forest fire or hill slide doesn’t ruin your home, eh FootbalYouBet? :wink: No, seriously, I hope that doesn’t happen to anyone but I’m sure with housing prices rising as they are there, you will be fine in the long run.

LetsgoBlue, in Hamilton, I’m a 45 minute drive to Port Dover which has a nice beach on Lake Erie, and I don’t have to drive through the Toronto mess or anything, Hamilton really is in a nice location apart from the heat and humidity that we get, as we are now, from time to time in the summer, and snows from the lake in the winter.

here is the front page of todays winnipeg sun

wow, tough up for some news there in the Peg I see. I'm sure they could have done better than that with a King Kong sized giant mosquito attacking residents or something like that, hmmm... :smiley:

LOL, Hamilton nicer than Winnpeg. Maybe nicer landscape, but not much else. and oh yeah, they're gonna have to change it to 1-7 after Friday's a** whooping.

who promotes the upcomming bomber home game, and might draw a bigger crowd now.

hmm, smog vs mosquitos.

I have lived in both Toronto and winnipeg. Found good in both. Of course, when I was in toronto in the 70's, it was somewhat different than now. Not nearly so much smog for one thing. ToHam, I am sure they pretty much share the same smog. We dont have as much smog here in GVRD and the Valley, but we catching up, sigh. The smog I see shown on the news and weather would be enough to keep me away from lower ontario these days. However, long cold winters, mosquitos and those annoying fans with their BC S.U.C.K.S chants, when playing other teams no less, chased me out of Winterpeg. Tough choice if I had to chose one.

Thank God for BC :rockin:

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The Hamilton Spectator has had its say ... now it's our turn.

We Winnipeggers won't take an insult lying down, which is why the Winnipeg Sun is going to fire back at Steeltown and its 1-6 football team in Friday's edition. The only question is, what do we say?

How about "The only thing that stinks worse than your city is your football team?" Nah ... too wordy. "Hamilton sucks?" Not clever enough.

Looks like we need your help. Just e-mail us at or phone 632-2761 to tell us how you would respond to last week's Steeltown slur. If we pick your answer, we'll give you two tickets to Friday's game, where you can watch the Bombers lay another whipping on the hapless Tabbies.

How does 1-7 sound, Hamilton?

....BAD MISTAKE to insult Winnipegers and their the Ti-Cats found out.....i don't know if we will beat them as badly as the last go round....but you can be sure that little quote will be pinned up in the Bombers dressing room as just a little more incentive to keep the BIGBLUE in a nasty frame of mind...Maas better be ready to do some fancy dancing....hip-pointer and all... :lol: :lol:

Hey back to the mosquitoes thing. We had approximately 1 cm of rain all of July (10.5 mm to be exact). The dryest July in 133 years has kept the mosquitoes at bay this year! Winning has rocked hard this summer! And Grand Beach is one of the world's nicest beaches, only an hour away!

someone post doug browns article up here, that one was much better

What does the Golden Horseshoe have that Greater Winnipeg lacks? Hmmm ... hard to think of much. Except for the following:

  • Moderate climate; virtually immune from major natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, rising sea levels)

  • Truly diverse cultural mix - and resulting restaurants, etc.

  • Economic diversity, wide range of job opportunities across most major industries, including lots of relatively lucrative head office and financial centre work

  • within 2 hours drive of approx. 9 universities, many renowned as best in Canada in their particular fields of specialty

Re: the last two points - result is that young people do not feel compelled to leave for better opportunities. For net migration between provinces over time, see ... ia.cfm?M=5

  • Close to major international airport - quick access to vacations just about anywhere

  • Practically limitless entertainment and shopping options. (Every major concert tour stops nearby.)

  • Driving distance to a whole lot of interesting cities and attractions - too many to name

  • The intangible excitement of living in a rapidly growing, always changing region.

These are generalizations, but you'll have to trust me (and about 12 million other people) on this one: we are not being forced to stay in Ontario. There really are some valid reasons why people would want to live and work here. Just like there are other reasons to live elsewhere. It's not all smog, crime and traffic jams in Ontario. But I'm sure you knew that.