Taaffe's Intro 11 am Faloney's of Ancaster

I am not sure whether it's open to the public.

It most likely will be.

It is at a public location,
a fine cuisine restaurant.

not like many, press only introductions
of new players which took place
in the press box right at IWS

My source: Ken Welsh CH Sports at 6

Any idea how much Taaffe will be paid?

Pick'em...good selection. We vote for Chucky!


It is not a public place....they do not have to let you in like its a city park or anything - so - they might let you in and they might not.

I know I would not have a problem getting in
but I am not sure about you, whoknows. :smiley: :oops:

First class move by the Ti-Cats all around!!!
Announcing the signing at Faloneys in Ancaster is cool class!!

Did they Do this For Joe last Year :slight_smile:
I hope we do better the 2nd Time around at Faloney's of Ancaster

Ancaster? Where most of the area's rich and elite live and probably wouldn't set foot anywhere near town where IWS is located? Hmmm, do I smell new stadium in Ancaster area some day? :wink:

Speaking of smells, oh downtrodden one, IMHO
generalizations about neighbourhoods stink
accompanied by a winking emoticon or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know a few Ancaster residents have set foot in the general area of IWS. Do the names John Barrow, Bernie Faloney, Ron Lancaster, Len Chandler, Bob Cameron and Marv Allemang ring any bells?

I thought Barrow disappeared years ago.

Don't forget BOB YOUNG!!! I live in Ancaster too and I'm there every Ticat game!!

Yes, I'm generalizing without a doubt but generalizing is sorta fun I find even if it isn't terribly accurate or correct. :smiley:

How's this one? All Ticat fans, myself excluded of course, are a bunch of ... :smiley: