taaffe won't be in montreal in 2007

Popp will be head coach of the Alouettes next season (see story link on ticats.ca homepage).

Now, with Richie or Austin the only guys Tillman is reportedly interested in for the Riders' HC job, it looks like there are only two things that might stand in the way of Taaffe being hired to become Hamilton's next HC:

  1. does he want to live and work in Canada again?
  2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

If Taaffe doesn't have a problem with #1, I don't think Desjardins and Bob Young will have a problem with #2. At least I hope not. Taaffe will be worth whatever he gets paid. He is by far the best qualified CFL head coaching candidate available, aside from Don Matthews. We need him to revamp our whole team, and he can do it.

Just read this wow, next thing you know AC will be out of Montreal??<<???

The Als' Larry Smith told the FAN590 that Taaffe would not mind returning to the CFL/Canada. This was a few months ago but I don't imagine things have changed since then. I wonder if the salary the Cats are offering is competitive?

Buratto apparently has been offered the OC job in Toronto and will decide by Monday. According to the Toronto Star, he said his wife will make the final decision because of her health problems. Or he may take the Esk's position. He said he wants to go to team with a good starting QB; still thinks Damon Allen has a year or two left I guess.

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