Taaffe tickled...The Spec

Taaffe tickled over showing
of several prospective Tabbies

Ken Peters June 05, 2008

The Hamilton Spectator


Charlie Taaffe is smiling.

A number of early training camp surprises
have the Tiger-Cat bench boss
in good humour these days.

  • #86 Laval wide receiver Laurent Lavigne-Masse.

The Cats' late selection (33rd)
in the April 30 draft, Lavigne-Masse

"He has been very impressive.

He is a guy who didn't have the fastest 40 time
at the (evaluation) camp," Taaffe said,

...receiver coach Dennis Goldman had him slotted at number two
among the pass catchers available behind Samuel Giguere.

  • #40 Import linebacker Cameron Siskowic.

"You can call him the Hulk," Taaffe laughs...

"He has just a tremendous strength and body.

He is a classic linebacker.

He runs very well and
he is extremely aggressive."

  • #91 Import defensive tackle Dominic Lewis.

"He has very good explosion
and is extremely quick," says Taaffe.

"I think he is a guy that,
if we can get him singled up
(facing just one blocker),

he'll be able to rush
the passer pretty well."

and the list goes on..he he :slight_smile:

Yeah, just read this article in the Spec.

I found it to be a silly headline to a fluff article that doesn’t really reveal much.

What do you expect the coach to say about youngsters?

Agreed, next time KP should either save some trees or write about some other sport since reading that article was a complete waist of 5 minutes.

I just read Kenny's Blog Today :
Look at this :


The Cats plan something innovative for the annual Black and Gold scrimmage Sunday. The club is apparently going to put a hands-free microphone on Charlie Taaffe so his comments can be heard by the Ron Joyce crowd.
Hope Charlie remembers there will be lots of women and children in the seat or it might become the Black and Gold and Blue (language) scrimmage.

I hope Charlie Keeps it clean..
But that's hard to do when Colourful Metaphors are part of a Football On the Side lines.

That one thing Miss about Box J this year.
The Sideline Chatter.

speaking of sideline mic for CT, do u think that Mic'd Up Segment will still be happenning this year? Last years mic'ed up with Moreno was rather comical

what that TSN or CBC

If it was CBC no cause TSN is only one doing games

True as that may be, it also showed us a lot of what Moreno is made of. I think that made a lot of fans for him.

While some of it is probably just PR I cant remember Taaffe going out of his way to compliment more than one player and doing it often.
Either its more proof of how much crap he has been handed in the past so this year's players couldnt help but standout...

or maybe scouting/football ops. have truly turned the corner.[/i]

I think it also highlighted some of what was wrong with this team last year. My favourite Zeke moment was "I dare you to run". :smiley:

I think it would be funny to hear Taaffe uncensored.

Normally, last season, I found the "mic'd up" feature pretty useless, just a lot of grunts and no particular insight into anything in particular.

But, that Moreno "I dare you to run" was the highlight by a country mile.

Jo Jo showing well…OH NO!!!