Taaffe takes trio of QBs

Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' Peters
The Hamilton Spectator Jun 12, 2007

Veteran starter Jason Maas and Rocky Butler
will remain home for the Ticat's 'friendly'
against the Bombers on Thursday Night

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Free safety and special teams ace
Phillip Gauthier is back

after having emergency surgery
to remove his appendix in April.

I think the most pressure will be on King when the Ticats play Winnipeg Thursday night. Taaffe has already stated that Butler and Maas will get the bulk of the work in the following pre-season game. So King really has only this one opportunity to prove he can lead the Ticat offence like a veteran with his experience should. I think the Ticats will have high expectations for Chang as well, but if he shows good effort but doesn't produce, it won't spell the end for him, because Desjardins likes him "for the future." King has to produce now. I think no matter what Williams does he is practice roster bound.

It almost appears as if they have decided to make Maas and Butler their number 1 and 2, and will use this game to decide who will be number 3.

With that said, unless Chang plays poorly, I think the 3 spot is his to lose. If he shows anything in Winnipeg, I think they will keep him. There's no point in having a 3rd stringer be a less than average QB when at their best. I think they want to have someone who has a potential future in this spot.

Time will tell...

Or, another way of putting it is.....
Is the choice for No. 1 QB at this point either Maas or Butler with the other being trade bait?
And is the choice for the backup positions two of the three QB's travelling to Winnipeg?

This is exactly what I was thinking too. Out of the 3, which ONE will survive?