Taaffe & Stubler comments in the Globe

[i]“We have to run the ball to be successful,” Taaffe said. “I know [the Argos] play more of a four-man front at times, but that’s what we see every week. We have to know who we are and what we are and what we have to do to be successful and play to our strength. Teams that are successful against Toronto are teams that run the ball and won’t give up running the ball.”

“The CFL is a game of second down,” Toronto head coach Rich Stubler said. “If [the opposition] is in second-and-three, you’re going to lose. If it’s in second-and-seven, you’ve got a good chance to win the football game.”[/i]

Banged-up Ticats prepare for Argo test

I wouldn't say Miles is our big play receiver!

The rivalry is kept afloat by the fans.

Players come and go.

Naive Argo rookies soon learn that
when they walk into the jungle at IWS,

and Stubler grudgingly admits that

'As for those fans at Ivor Wynne, though ...

"It's just the guys in the first four rows but
they berate you, call you every name in the book,
They spit at you and throw things at you.

Doesn't really matter, though."

That's rich, Richie.

You bet it does.