Taaffe should have sent a message earlier

re: last weeks last second field goal attempt by the bumbers.

Just once I would like to see a coach express the dim view he takes on running up the score before it becomes a spitting contest of words after the game.

Next time this type of play rears it's ugly face, I suggest the players on the long side of losing end be instructed by the coach to make no attempt to defend. Line up, stand up on the snap of the ball, simply watch the kick, and make no attempt to retrieve the kicked ball should it be kicked wide.

Now wouldn't that send a message?

Imagine the good feelings that would come out of that action!

Iprefer the "stand up, turn around, and drop trou" version of your idea better...

until Winnipeg runs down gets the ball and scores more points.........

Ahhh - butt OUR point will be made!

laughinghard wrote: "Now wouldn't that send a message? "

The only message I would get is that our team are a bunch of cowards and have simply given up.
When you are up against the wall.....you NEVER give up.
"Make no attempt to defend"?. Does pride mean nothing to you???? Sounds like a kid who wants his ball back so he can go home.

I don’t think the player who might recover it would be elevated to hero status.

One second left and an unreachable amount of points behind? Cowards giving up? You mustn't joke.

Without a doubt it would send the Bombers a very clear message to take their ball, go home and come back with a man as coach.

How about a blocked field goal? You take anything you can. Never quit!!!

Karikari almost took it back to the house... now THAT would have sent a message if they lost 7 more points.

Kids stuff at that point. Give it up.

Did you not notice the slack tackling attempts by 2 respectful Bombers players and the soft blocking by the Tiger Cats on that return? Karikari wasn't going anywhere. :roll:


If I was the coach and any of my players talked the way you do, they would be gone.
No quitters allowed. And that should include your "advice" on this thread.

Sarcasm missed

Naw, the D should have taken a run at the kicker and gotten a penalty.

Never mind the sarcasm.
I'm wondering if some of these whiners think 0-5, 0-6, 0-7 is time to quit too. All those mean nasty teams have beaten us. Won't somebody let us win? Maybe if we bring in American referees. If not, may as well stay home.
Sorry about the sarcasm. I hope soon we can dwell more on how good this team has become instead of criticising our opponents for playing well.

An excellent plan B! But never make such a statement public. :slight_smile:

It appears you don't recognize that showing up professionals can enhance possibilty for injury.

But please do the mature thing Mr62, and blow your steam with fellow whiners who are complaining about 0-5, 0-6, and 0-7 records on applicable threads. This thread was started to address remedial action for a disgraceful action taken by a buffoon during the last play of single game.


Arrrrgggghhhh! I give up!!!!!! :oops: