Taaffe Ponders Chang

Well, after the obligatory waiting over 24 hours to post after another disgusting waste of our players talents...

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"If one guy's not doing it, we have to give the other guy a chance...we're never going to find out about him if he is not out there playing!"... a quote of Coach Taaffe.

Well HELLO...how many of us have been saying that for HOW LONG?

Enough is enough...we should have inserted both Williams and Chang into the playbook all along!

Maas should be released if we can't get anything for him...and save the salary for other players.

For whatever reason...Jason isn't working here!


And one more thing...Coach Sal is great to listen to on the radio as we watch the play on TV....lol. No kidding! I'd like to see him back with the team...even if it means listening to somebody else when the Cats are out of town!

I think he could help this coaching staff. :thup:

I'd be interested to see if anybody else thinks he can help!