Taaffe odds on favourite.

According to Ken Peters in today's Spec, Desjardins has revealed that Charlie Taaffe is the odds-on-favourite to fill the head coaching spot.

I hope so.

I'm on the edge of my seat here... I sure hope so too. Taaffe all the way!

Yes please make this Deal Quick.
So can get on Sign some players
Then We can become the Mean Nasty Team
no one wants to face.



If Taaffe is hired (which I think will be the case), who will he bring with him as assistant coaches?

Are there any assistants with other teams that would want to make a lateral move to the same position with the Ticats? Or are there presently some unemployed assistant coaches with CFL experience who could be hired?

Yeah, I hear that Joe Paopao is available, so is Kavis Reed and Jamie Barres as well. Just to name a few :stuck_out_tongue:

Charlie should favour the Montreal job because
he is familiar with the ownership and management
and because of their core of strong players.

Now that Marcel has stated publicly Charlie is the frontrunner
we are now likely to be in a bidding war with the Alouettes.

Oh, well, if we offer him more money than Montreal does
and if he wants the challenge of building his own team
then we have a chance to get him.

Marcel also upped Danny Barrett's price by saying
he wants a coach with CFL Head Coaching experience.

Loose lips sink ships.

Desjardins reveals Taaffe is the odds on favorite. I hate to break it to ya, but how do you think you got Desjardins? For the green light of Taaffe to go to Montreal. Thats right kids we will give you Desjardins & you back off on Taaffe. Much the same way "no way is Mass part of the Davis deal". Something stinks in the Hammer & it ain't the steel mills. Cheers !!!!

Are you wearing a tin foil hat right now?

What about Dave Richie? I think he certainly qualifies as a successful headcoach with significant CFL experience.

...just because you're paranoid doesn't mean the BOG's NOT after you.

The Don was still coaching Montreal when Desjardins started here last summer ... I don't think anyone predicted that Matthews wouldn't finish the season with the Alouettes.

I really hope Tiger Cat Management are not bullshi**ing their fans on this ... they cannot afford to mislead us during this frustrating time as a fan.

I really believe you are speculating Mangygoat and hope you are way wrong.

hamilton SHOULD have the edge in this bidding war...apparently montreals new head coach WONT get to pick his assistants!

that alone should tip the scales in hamiltons favor.

Now Peters is reporting that Desjardins has "balked" at what he "revealed".