Taaffe needs his head examined

Now wait redand white, you just posted he should play too, you can't have it both ways!!! I know you are angry the Stamps are struggling this year and the mighty Riders rule red&white, but please!

I'm thinking we might see Printers for a few "Vanilla" plays, that he could pick up on short notice, but to start and play the whole game? I don't think so.

But, Its the CFL, anything could happen.

Bring back Conridge Holloway!!!!!!!!

Mark7 are you drinking I never said Printers should play right away. Your dreaming kid! Again the Stamps have been winning so I guess you do not watch much football. As far as the riders are concerned I wish them well but I think their slump is a head of them and I hope you do not break your legs jumping from the wagon.

Thats 'Condredge Holloway'

Oh yeah, um, I guess you didn't say Printers should play :roll:

Taffe is Wrong, but not because he didn't start Printers but because he didn't start Williams.

why oh why start Chang? yes he has talent but he's a rookie, this is not the time to start him.

Williams should have been started, Williams is the sophmore and he looked good wrapping up last week but no he doesn't get the ball until the 4th Quarter(last minute of the 3rd technically)... and THEN he puts up alot of points in that 4th quarter what was it, 17 points in around 1 quarter?

Why not start Williams!!!!
No did not say this after the game I was thinking this all week, Chang is not ready for primetime really he needs the rest of the year just figuring out the game maybe he will be ready in 08 but more likely he won't be competing to start until 09.

What are you a twit? redandwhite stated that you moron.