Taaffe needs his head examined

So, let me get this straight, Hamilton just signs Printers for mega-bucks and Taaffe won't play him Saturday because he doesn't know the snap count? Um, coach this isn't rocket science. And do you know your job is on the line and you need to win as many games as possible and get the Hamilton fans back on board? Can't you figure out Printers to Armstead could do some damage right now!!! Hello! :roll:

there isnt a coach in his right mind that would start printers already. Not even if it was Flutie

Didn't realize Taffee was on the hot seat... oh, that's because he isn't. Everyone knows this is a rebuilding year for Hamilton. And considering they just signed Printers, throwing on in would be a huge mistake. He's been out of the game for a few years. But keep hating on Taffee... :wink:

Yeah, Hamilton might lose if Printers plays, leave him on the bench!!!

Im going to play devils advocate here... what if he's just saying those things so that Toronto isn't preparing to play against a mobile QB? I mean there's a good chance that Printers will not see the field, but it wouldn't be the first time a coach has lied about his QB's.

At 1-8... do they honestly have a realistic shot at making the playoffs? :wink:

With a win they are 3 points out of the final playoff spot.

Good point...well I do think Printers will make it into the game sooner or later, especially if Chang faulters...maybe Printers can pick up the snap count after a half! BTW Printers was not in a morgue prior to signing with Hamilton, he was in an NFL training camp and ready and willing to play.

Right now they're 8 points behind Montreal and 4 points behind Toronto. If Toronto wins, that'll pretty much end any chance they have of making the playoffs... And Hamilton is 1-4 at Toronto...

The snap count is a tongue-in-cheek comment people. Printers has been there for what, two days? He doesn't know the playbook, the recievers, the coaches, or even where the bathroom is. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don't bring in a QB and start him without giving him a chance to at least learn the playbook and take some practice reps with the recievers.

Where is Taaffe's head at, anyways?

This is so mind-boggling I am speechless, Mark7.

I distinctly heard Casey say

he would be willing to start on Saturday.

He would send all his receivers 'long'
every time and tell the ones who got open

to wave their hands in the air
and he would get the ball to them.

Sound like a good plan to you, Mark7?

I'm admittedly not the "bestest" football mind out there but I seem to recall that most football teams need a # 2 who is prepared to go in on a moments notice.....and clearly, Chang isn't quite there yet (although some of us hoped he might be last week).......so by tossing Printers right in there today would be doing the same thing we have been guilty of for the last how many years.....ie: failing to develop a solid # 2

We need to get Chang seasoned for the future and playing him today while Printers learns the playbook is a great opportunity to do it.

I expect to see a much improved Chang today. And I hope Williams gets some touches also....it's prudent to get these two guys some work.

It really bites that Lumsden is still in the sick bay though.......damn!

Go Cats!

If you think knowing a snap count is all it takes to QB a new team, in a league you haven't played in for quite a while, in the middle of a season, you don't know much about football.

...still, it would be interesting if Hamilton threw Printers out there for a play or two, just to mess with the Argos minds...maybe an option or a QB draw....it builds some confidence in the O and gets CP some idea of game speed again...if anything, it shows the fans in Hamilton that their QB is eager to get their fortunes turned around...

It could get him killed as well....
He might get into the game in the 4th.
Never say never.
But you aren't doing him, the team or the fans any favours by throwing him out there to potentially be embarrassed, or worse, injured.
Way to much money invested in him for that....

taafe was just being coy with the media, using a bill parcells approach, some of you western canadian fans aren't used to coaches not divulging their gameplan to the media, stop getting all emotional. Casey is in great shape to play he just came from training camp, was in the winter OTAs and has played in four pre-season games.

Er, that sounds like what we have seen from the Ti-Cat offense this year...the difference now is you have a real QB and receiver in Armstead. But you are right, just keep doing what you have been doing, seems to be working really well, and enjoy 1-17.

All great points, especially about Printers playing 4 presason games in the NFL. This guy is ready to roll in even a basic offense. I hope you are right and will be happy to admit eating crow if Taaffe does this!

Wow Mark7 you figured this out all by yourself. How long have you watched football(2 weeks)? Right now the TC need success throwing in a guy that has no knowledge of his team mates or play book would be what stupid? Another good example of your posting style.

Exactly. This is about a resurrecting a moribund Hamilton franchise, as redandwhite said, even a few plays to bring some excitement back to the team and fans would be great. The CFL is great because it is wide open and fun and exciting, what could be more exciting than seeing Printers out there for a few plays at least!