Taaffe May Jump!

Amid all this talk about replacing the coach, consider that he may be updating his resume and looking for another gig. Remember, he left Montreal when they were on top to take the job at Maryland, so leaving one job for another is old hat. He may decide that the grass is greener somewhere else and bolt at the first chance. If he stays, I hope he makes the staff changes that have to be made. This team can't afford to have him hire his buddies anymore. Look at the bios of the staff and tell this isn't the most inexperienced staff of all time. At least half are career high school coaches with a smattering of college or pro experience. Bring in some quality coaches who understand the Canadian game. Of course if Charlie pulls the chute on Hamilton, maybe we can get someone like Stubler or Richie to sort out this mess.

Wonder if Hufnagel would consider a CFL headcoach position?

May he jump down a deep well!

Calgary. Then Edmonton can hire Higgins back. Or Popp. Make it 3 years without playoffs.

I think a Stubler team would be unstoppable! Give him the chance..

hey i got let s go after Greg Marshall, With his track record at Mac. And building such a powerhouse there. Image what he can do at the pro level.

When has the fans of hamilton become so wishy washy. When Maas came over he was our savour. Them we all went on a hunt and wanted the GM to go after Taeffe, Now we want to chase this guy like Marshall,like Maas, out of town.

Get him a ladder so he does it right,if he jumps he proves nothing only that he can coach only succesful programs that he has inherited!!!!!!

I hope that he jumps. Who could be worse?
Maybe the Ticats should let Zeke Moreno and Casey Printers coach the team.(at least til' the end of the season) It can't possibly get any worse than it is now.


homer simpson as coach...your CUT..lol

I'd jump too if this is what I had to deal with ... he is too much of a professional to be dealing with this garbage.

I feel sorry for him.

I feel sorry for the fans.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't, he knew what he was getting into and he knows that this a passing league but is obsessed with running the damn ball. Go home Charlie!

I hope he is back next year. I'd give any coach who took over this team two years. Same with the General Manager. We have a young team, pick up a few key players in the off season and we will be contenders.

Don't your psychic powers tell you there is something seriously wrong with this coach and his staff? When there has been NO improvement since the start of the season and a continual display of coaching errors...it does not auger well for the future. If we had our "coach for the future" we would have seen something in his performance this season that could make us write this season off, knowing that things have improved and will get better next season.
I don't know about you but I sure don't have that feeling.
Also ....things are too quiet at the top. We have not heard a lot from the Caretaker and Scott Mitchell's silence over the abysmal state of the team at this stage of the season is deafening.
Hmmm. They must be up to something. Lets hope change is on the way again.

I hear caretaker is trying to talk with wilson about trading teams

I'm at a loss as to what I want this team to do to turn things around. I find it hard to put all the blame onto the players we've had come through this season. Surely they can't ALL be that bad. So with that being said, I look to the coaching. I'd be fine to stick with Desjardins as GM and Taafe as HC. I would probably stick with most of the players we have now and give them a chance to work together. In my opinion, we had a constant turnover of players which prevented them from gelling.

So, I would look at changing the assistant coaches and get some in that have CFL experience. Especially since we saw in that one game Moreno pleading for some plays from the DC.

Maas > damaged shoulder. And he hasn't been any better in Mtl.
Chang and Williams > not developed enough to lead.
Printers > not enough time to learn the system.
Lumsden > ability to control games with running game destroyed when he went down.

I look at it this way:

  1. Printers with a full training camp along with Williams and Chang getting experience this year will make a huge difference.

  2. Ability to build an offense with a legit passer will make Lumsden et al even more dangerous.

  3. Defense has potential and with another year under their belts should make significant strides.

Keep in mind that with a roster of 46 players, Hamilton dressed 20 players throughout the year (not all at once) that were rookies. That's alot of new faces to learn not only the system but in the American's cases, the CFL game.

Give Taffe a couple of years. Next year expect 6 to 8 wins and a shot at the playoffs.

Give Taafe a couple more years?. OK. But not with Working and O'Neill as his co-ordinators.

Dont feel sorry for him: he is a paid professional coach, with a mandate to deliver winning football, and criticism comes with the territory.

I don't blame Taaffe for the play of the Ticats in Game 1. However, I have seen regression not progress and the inability to get the correct number of people into the huddle and onto the field in Game 16 is a huge signal that the situation is getting worse not better.