Taaffe kept Chang in way to long!

Actually Hamilton didn't play too bad, with a good QB in the whole game they might of won. Williams looked great, the running game was solid, but Chang was kept in way too long by Taaffe who didn't coach with any urgency at all. And how about Moreno to the coach: "You have to send me a play, this is ridiculous!" I think coaching is more of a problem in Hamilton than the players. I do think Hamilton will have a better second half of the season.

What was the score when Williams went into the game? If I recall, it was 32-8 and the Argos had the game well in hand at that point in the game. Defenses do have a tendency to let up , and that is probaly what happened to allow the Cats to score 14 pts in that final quarter. When you are 1-8, have just traded your #1 QB, you are working for next year. Taaffe realizes that--and Im willing to be that the fans realize that as well.

Well, if you have given up and "working toward next year" you are not going to succeed, ever. I give the Ti-Cats credit for working hard the whole game and never giving up.

I just got back from the dome.
Agreed how Chang should have been pulled at half time.
He looks like deer in the headlights, panicking and missing his receivers by a mile, one hop to some of them.
I am not sure how he supposedly got all thos passing records in College, but right now after half a season I do not see an upside, unless he is a mega long term project.
Williams is much better and in retrospect should have started and especially since he should more in the Labour Day game.

Definitely a problem with the coaching... didn't they say the defensive coordinator has zero experience in the CFL? Not sure I like that... :?

Williams is definitely a better QB, and Chang is over hyped. Sure, he may have racked up some nice numbers in Hawaii... but he was playing for Hawaii!!!

I was saying during the labour day game that Williams looked like he should have the start in this game but Taffe made his choice.

Thing is Argos defence didn't really let up, they were blitzing blitzing blitzing.

Do you think players don't want to pad stats? they had Williams in the backfield how many times and he fought off the tackles.

It was still that same starting argos D in the game they don't want a TD scored against them especially not against a backup QB.

DB's are thinking interception time yet Williams was near perfect in his play.

Printers will probably start next week vs. Winnipeg but if Hamilton wants to have a chance(chance still not good) to win they should play Williams, being a Bomber fan though I truly hope they play chang next week.

I was at the dome too. Poor kid, I felt bad for him. He needs a season holding the clipboard, same with McMahon.