Taaffe Juggles Cat Secondary

The Hamilton Spectator

Steve Milton

October 18, 2007

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There will be changes in the secondary
for the first time in six games.

Dwight Anderson has gone home
for the rest of the season.

"He [Dwight]'s got personal issues,"
said GM Marcel Desjardins
without much expansion.

"If everything goes according to plan,
he'll be back next year."

And Cody moves back to DB as Beveridge goes to safety.


Anyone else think Anderson was suspended for the final couple games because of his actions?

Why wouldn't they admit to that? What's wrong with announcing a suspension? Teams do that all the time.

I dunno.

They care about themselfs not the fans,I guess it builds team spirit!?!?!

I don't follow. Who is "they"?

Not sure how many people saw it, what with everything going on at the time, but when Anderson was pulled off the field after his second penalty he got right in Taaffe's face. Nose to nose and was pulled away by other players. That might have been the trigger to do something.

He did go in on special teams after that so I thought things had cooled off but I guess not.

Well, the way it was worded in the papaer, it sounds like he has some issues, and that they are giving him an oppurtunity to work them out.

If not, then I guess it'll be bye bye.

And Jykine Bradley may start at corner to replace Anderson.

Remember him? A 12 game starter last year.

If true, an excellent move. Cody is a star at HB, I am not convinced that playing him out of position at safety is wise; it certainly does not maximize his abilities....far rather see him laying out big hits on slotbacks from the HB position. I'm content with either Beveridge or Karikari at safety, as long as Cody moves back to HB.

"If everything goes according to plan,
he'll be back next year."

LoL, Yeah right!

He won't be back, ever.

Beverage at Safety? :o Imo Did he get benched for intimidating the other teams???Taaffe has no respect for Canadian players it seems.IE Lumsdens 6 rushes a game-- Pathetic

The system AKA the man. :wink:

'They' The team does it for the player, not themselves. Has nothing to do with the fans...and I have no idea what you are talking about regarding team spirit.

My personal opinion is that no matter who we have back there, or the amount of times we shuffle our defence etc we are still going to get beat.
I honestly believe it's the coaching, and I know this has been determined on these forum's previously.

The reason I think this is becuase the many times the players have looked to the sidelines for a play and then have been confused etc.
Even our star defensive players like Moreno, and Cody have done this.
I really do believe that Anderson has the talent to be a good DB in this league given proper defensive schemes to follow....

Another reason is, we have a former all-star Defensive player on our in Karikari, and look he's playing special teams....
How does that happen?

I like C. Taffee, and think he should stay here, but please get us a new Dfence cord. and secondary coach!!

So we get burned deep down the middle instead of at the corners...

8) I agree 100%. Anderson will never wear a TiCat uniform again !!!!!!

I've got no problem with that. Too bad, because the guy unquestionably has talent but, discipline-wise, he's a major project. There are enough problems in the secondary at this time without having to constantly deal with a guy with so little self-control.

Hopefully Anderson can get his head straightened out an go on to do something that has nothing to do with playing football for another CFL team.

After this season ends, you can probably say the same thing about Tony Tiller, Michael Roberts and Lawrence Gordon. But don't ask me who is going to replace them!

This was our Biggest Problem This year.
It will be our biggest Problem next year.
This has to be address In the Off-season.