Taaffe is back!

just got the call from my source. official announcement thursday.

Is that you, SteelTiger?

Or is it Marty York? lol

8) Is your "source" always reliable Bunni ??? Are you going to stake your reputation on him???? I guess we will know the answer tomorrow !!!!! :wink:

Or you stumbled across this.....

8) "Grey Cup", here we come !!!!!! :wink:

Good news. Obie's first big decision. Get the new assistants and start the "Ball".

Thank god your here bunny, cant thank you enough and having a lifeguard on duty here at ticats.ca makes it a safe place to visit and bring the kids!

well - I guess I'm happy

Bad move. He has no idea how to control his players and coaches or who to play and where. ie: Mike Working and Cory Holmes

I guess that he deserves another chance, but I’m still bothered by some decisions he made in several games this season. I’m thinking that he must be on a short leash this year. A 1-3 or worse start won’t cut it with me. Here’s hoping the team isn’t looking for a new head coach before mid-season.

Say it isn't so Hairless Bob.... Obie what are you thinking Charlies a joke...


Charlie deserves this second chance
now we bring in the others let's go boys.

Your in trouble Bob!Higher ticket prices and preaching another rebuilding year to come next year, I can see alot of people patience with you just giving up! I myself like to see people rise and fall on broken or overacheaving promices! Attendence will for sure be a record low!

I hope Taaffe knows that if we lose the first three in a row, he's toast.

No excuses this year, Charlie.

If this is true, and I hope it is, then I think we will make significant improvements this year.

I like the tone of Charlie's remarks in the Spec article-- he sounds determined and committed.

Taaffe has unfinished business - we will be better!

Oh, you of little faith, justdoit, :wink:

Just like the Jedi Master Yoda, bob said,
"Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'"

He is preaching that the Ticats
will reach the gates of heaven 8)

with a play offs spot this year. :smiley:

or risk losing 25% of the team's
season ticket revenue in 2009. :frowning:

bob hasn't said a word about re-building. :o

And I hope Bob doesn’t say too many more words about rebuilding. Hey, I appreciate Bob having a very open door policy with everybody, that’s nice, but I think it’s time to close the door a little and just let the football people do their stuff. I want to hear Bob when we are hoisting the Grey Cup sometime around the end of November or whenever in November if they move the game up somewhat.

Remember guys Obie still will get his OC and DC, hopefully if we get a good OC he'll do the play calling and not Taffe. Good call though he deserves another chance..

Well, it's official now. Taaffe will be the man next season, and there will be no excuses after this season if the TiCats have another lacklustre year. Really interesting to see who the assistants will be - must be a great supporting cast in place.