Taaffe hired by Cats, Montreal radio stations reporting

Here's the link. Scroll down to Alouettes section:



If you know what I mean.

Of course.

BTW, the first anyone heard of Ranek getting cut was on MTL radio as well. What gives?

This is great news for all of us fans !!!!

It's the front page story on cfl.ca. Taaffe will be named head coach at a press conference tomorrow. He was the only logical choice from the beginning. Here's hoping he can turn this mess around quickly!!!

Well done Marcel!!!
And he kept his promise of an announcement by December 15th.
Where's the Spec and CHML in all of this? The Montreal Gazette has some great information. Looks like they have fallen asleep on the story...especially the part about the Caretaker and Marcel heading down to meet with Taaffe last Friday.

The first real coach in three years. Lets hope he has three real assts. to work with and we'll let somebody else "think outside the box" and gamble with rookie coordinators.

Dont you remember CHML said in Oct. a head coaching decision was"imminent"-this is what they meant. :roll:

Taaffe will make a difference. He has great experience, and is the offensive specialist we needed to energize Holmes, Maas and Lumsden. Maybe our games will actually be exciting now. Thank you for hiring him, Mr. Young and Mr. Desjardins.

Cool! Thanks, Here it is for easy linkage.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=14283]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=14283[/url]

YIPPE!!! Although I figured this would be the final outcome, you just never know these days. As mentioned, the first real coach this team has had in recent memory. (no disrespect to RL intended) Now lets hope he can turn Maas around to be the guy we all hope he can be. And for all our sakes..please Jason, move you family to the "hammer"!!!

It's highly likely Zurkowsky (Gazette writer) knew Desjardins was going to be hired away by the Cats this summer. Yet he didn't write about it beforehand and the hiring of Desjardins caught everybody by surprise.

With this in mind, perhaps Zurkowsky got a little inside info from somebody regarding Taaffe's hiring as a reward for keeping quiet this past summer on Desjardins leaving the Als for the Ti-Cats?

Pure speculation on my behalf, so draw your own conclusions who the 'league source' for this story is...




Well it looks like Taaffe will be named head ooach on Dec 15th just as Desjardins said.

Ho hum, just as Desajardins and Taaffe alluded to repeatedly. Sure, it’s great news, but certainly not a surprise. Props to Marcel.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seemed like the Spec was hounding Marcel with the same article being written on the topic day after day with no new information.

Also some fans on this board were thinking that Desjardins was not doing his job because other teams were signing other coaches despite Marcel being on record as saying that he wante Taaffe, and wanted to make the coaching decision by December 15 (preferrably), and Taaffe himself alluding to being interested in this job.

And so the moment that many Ticat fans were hoping for and expecting to take place since Marcel Desjardins was hired as the GM has happened. The Desjardins-Taaffe era apears to have begun. And as was previously stated, we now have a coach we can rely on for the first time in years. No longer do we have an unproven coach whose only experience coaching outside the CFL was in the CIS, nor do we have a coach who was only willing to coach on an interim basis. We have a coach with some real experience, and this is the most pleased I have been with a hiring of a coach since Lancaster came here in 1998.

This, of course, should just be the start of what will be an off-season in which the Ticats’ most important needs will be addressed. Much like last off-season started, when Maas was acquired, we start by addressing what is arguably needed the most. And just as Maas was the best quarterback who was available at the time, Taaffe may have been the best coach available at this time. But should we be too excited? I’m not sure, as one has to remember that Taaffe had a good team to work with in Montreal. And can he do as well here? And yes, that is another parallel to the acquisition of Maas, as Maas might need to have a better team around him to succeed.

This certainly is a good move though, but for now I remain cautiously optimistic. Next up, we’ll see who his assistants will be as the mistakes made in terms of hirings continue to be corrected.

Nicely done by the Cats. He seems like a tough guy, and should earn the respect of the players. He will instill discipline and hard working effort into the team. Good signing.

This is a good hire. One thing Charlie did when he was coach of the Als was run a disciplined outfit that was the least penalized in the league. I wish we had him back in Montreal.
Look for a better season in Hamilton. TiCat fans deserve a break.