Taaffe Gone?

I don't know if you guys have heard or not but Taafe has accepted OC position at West Virginia.


could this explain his missing the latest presser due to being in the states for personal reasons? if this is true mr cody will now be happy again.

Im confused... and shocked.

This has completely baffled me this morning...I read the article and was kind of confused...and now I'm just even more confused because I can't find anything else about this anywhere

looks like mr creehan is in for a quick promotion.

that article was posted at 8:30...how hasn't there been any other websites with maybe more information, or even just a confirmation about this?

Interesting read, the circus continues?

What a train wreck. I can't say that I'll be shedding any tears over this. Is there anyone decent left out there??

Another theory out there is that this could be a mistake. Perhaps he was going to take this job (if he was fired here) and there's a communication breakdown somewhere.

Perhaps its wishful thinking however the lack of news on this leaves me wondering if the Gazette made a mistake.

That sound like what might have happened, Crash.

Or the hack that contributed to this report,
Dave Hackman, thought his report was going
to be in the April 1st edition of the paper.

Don't worry folks, it ain't gonna happen.

Son of a bit**...and this is the university that is suing its former coach for $4 Million for running out on them, and they come and poach from us...

And IF true (and as tdcats notes, it's nowhere else), I hope they make life tough on ol' Charlie...

Borehamgirl, you said a mouthful...is there a coach ANYWHERE that honours a contract anymore?

If this is true, then the TiCats are and will be a joke! Another season with 1-3 wins! SHISH


If true (which I doubt) there is only one answer at HC, and it isn’t Creehan.

I’ll give you a hint, his first name is Greg and his last name begins with M.

[url=http://900chml.com/news/news_local.cfm?cat=7428109912&rem=83111&red=80110923aPBIny&wids=410&gi=1&gm=news_local.cfm]http://900chml.com/news/news_local.cfm? ... _local.cfm[/url]

I knew he should have been fired. What a joke. We hire a coaching staff to suit him and then he leaves. Maybe we'll find a coach who can get his players to play disciplined, decent football. At this point I don't care who we bring in, but it better be someone who can start us winning again.

He knew he was in over his head here.

Did he have a contract for this year?

Well, Crash shut me up.

Let me officially begin the Greg Marshall bandwagon.

Always trouble when working backwards (asst coaches then the head coach), but I bet Obie can make it work...welcome to the asylum, Bob O'

This may be a clue .... appears as of yesterday - he was in the running ...

[url=http://www.wvmetronews.com/sports.cfm?func=displayfullstory&storyid=22927]http://www.wvmetronews.com/sports.cfm?f ... ryid=22927[/url]