Taaffe choses Assistant

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Wallace got the ticats.ca scoop
in another thread at 8:15 PM last night

Here is that Winnipeg Free Press link.

The reference is at the end of an Article
about one of their QBs signing with
an Arena Football League team.

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I should have posted TCTD’s information about Mike Working
along with Wallace’s post. Sorry TCTD

Mr. Working is quite a veteran at coaching football
but curiously he has only one year of CFL experience.

Not that there is anything wrong with that
since he’s working along with Charlie Taaffe.

Lets hope Charlie is not just surrounding himself with his buddies, and is choosing the most qualified guys.
If Mike Working was hired as only a QB coach last year by the Bombers, lets hope that his hiring by the Cats is to be somthing less than OC.
That seems like a big jump regardless of if Charlie will have his fingerprints all over the offence.
If Butler and Working are hired as the "O" and "D" coaches it will be a big step up for both of them and that makes me nervous.

Instead of a coaching staff of strangers just thrown together all the more reason for the HC to hire "buddies". They would already know eachother's style and approach and how one another think.
From 04-06 did it strike anyone that the coaching staff were in sync at any time?

You are right Zontar, and in reality a coach will choose coaches that they have worked with previously. You have to hope that they are hired as a good football man 1st, and a buddy second.

Ironically last year the 2 coaches that should have been in sync was Paopao and his O-Line coach Kani Kauahi who has followed Joe around. I don't think it helped.

Taaffe's "buddies" sure did a decent job when he was coaching the Al's. I'm gonna wait until all the coaches are hired and announced before I start second-guessing Taaffe.

:thup: I'm going to give the guy a chance to coach in Hamilton a year or two and then judge the results. He comes with high recomendations and high expectations. I think he will surround himself with quality people. :thup:

Excuse me but how the hell could any of us second guess Taffe when we have not even heard of these guys until today ?

Why dont we please just let Taffe coach and choose the coaches he wants to have here . Didnt most people praise his hiring and already we want to be critical of him ????

That's what I was trying to say, habman.


Relax fer cryin' out loud!
Do you think Charlie Taafe and Marcel Desjardins are morons and have not thought out what they are doing?
This kind of criticism should be reserved for next November when the season is over and this team shows no improvement whatsoever. I doubt that will be the case because any improvement will be better than what we have had for the last few years.
I don't know how you cope with life if whats going on now makes you "nervous". I would guess most of us are "excited". God knows we have waited long enough to be in the fortunate position this team is in now, in terms of qualified people at the top.

Habman nailed it. Give the guy a break. Besides, Charlie's strenght is offense. I'm ready to admit that he knows more about running a CFL offense than any of us arm chair QB's. Chill people. Its only a game.