Taafe vs Stubler

Taafe vs Stubler only one man will or should be employed by the end of the week. In Taafes case if we loose its time to say good bye. This is our best chance to make the playoffs in 5 years and if we loose to a struggling Argo squad at home on labour day his time is up period. Stubler is quickly transforming the Argo into the Ti-Cats. He made a mess of his quarterbacking situation from day one and seems to have no ability to make any meaningful changes during the course of game. This match up reminds me of movie with Jim Carrey but I think it would be to cruel to post the tittle.

i dont think we will be saying goodbye to taaffe if we lose tomorrow.

Coaching staff will be evaluated at season end.

Never mind Taffy and Stumbler, how does Berry hold onto his job?

An Argo-Cat fan

He's waiting for an opening at the Winnipeg Sun

LOL…thanks HfxTC for my laugh of the day!

Stubler will be fired if the Argos lose. I doubt Taaffe will be fired if Hamilton loses, though.

one coach wears shorts, wears no headset, flip flops his QBs more often than people change socks, has no idea what offensive plays are called, is a yes man to the management.

the other coach wears a headset, installed an effective west coast offense, continues to find personnel to fit the west coast offense and doesn't rely on washed up injury prone nfl rejects.

Taaffe is now in the "lead" in the suitability for first-out-the-door race. Berry is second by a nose, followed back by a jowl by Stubler.

Three challenges? RIDICULOUS!!! A totally avoidable penalty giving a FIRST DOWN inside the five-yard line by a head coach is inexcusable. Period!

I won't go into the gamble-or-not situations because each are debatable. The fact that Lumsden was initially penciled in as a fullback and didn't get the ball on a third-and-one-a-half gamble call to a fullback hasn't escaped me either though.

Very frustrating!

Oski Wee Wee,

Stubler wins by one less idiotic call. Actually I think we win because this could be the end of Taafe.

Taaffe is the worst coach in this city since Beckman. Actually I think it is a tie.

I think Stublers call was more stupid then Taaffes.