Taafe says ROD RUST could be the next defensive coordinator!

[i]Taaffe said his first order of business will be to assemble a coaching staff, especially a defensive coordinator, who will have a degree of autonomy while Taaffe concentrates on the offence. Familiarity with Taaffe and CFL experience are important. Coincidentally, Taaffe said he has traded voicemail messages with former Als head coach Rod Rust, who served under Taaffe.

“He’s a brilliant coach and I’ll probably speak to him.”[/i]


How’s this sound?

I think Rod Rust is 206 years old.

With 172 years coaching experience

Alouette GM
Alouette Coach
Alouette D-coach

might as well rename them the Hamilton Alouettes..lol

This would be a great move, as long as Rust will be able to last a full season, and we have someone who can step in if Rust does have to leave for health reasons. We don't want the same thing to happen to us that happened to Winnipeg when they had to replace him with Urban Bowman.

It sounds a lot better than last year when we had

Renegade O.C
Renegade line coach
Regegade D.C

lol...OH YEA...hahahaa

Wasn't it Cal Murphy that was replaced by Urban Bowman for health reasons?

Rod Rust is 78 A little long in the tooth I think.



He's a little RUSTy.

I think that they should pick up Dave Ritchie from B.C

We can't Pickup Coaches under Contract
Ritchie & Marshall are Both Under Contract

So Stop looking there..

If my memory serves me correctly, Rod Rust was the man who replaced Taaffe as Head Coach in Montreal when he went south after the 2000 season ... Rust was fired before seasons end.

I still think that last years DC would be good, keep in mind that our offense was horrible and left d on for almost entire first half. Thats why our defence couldnt do so well second half, they were already tired. Maybe a few new additions on defence but otherwise being back the DC from last year.

I totally disagree with the idea of bringing Reed back. His defences were always very conservative and boring to watch. I want a DC who will blitz more and put emphasis on sacking the QB.

We need a DC to install a hard ass defence.
No more bend but don't brake.