Taafe Not Accepting Mistake is a Big Mistake

I just had a chat with the coach of our college hockey team. He made some mistakes a game ago and players knew something was up. That will make correcting them harder in the future unless he goes over the ground with them.

Several times in interviews I've heard Charlie putting the onus on Williams for blowing the time count at the end of the first half. I've heard NO hint of a suggestion that he shoulders any blame.

Look, Williams blew it- no question. However, there IS such a thing as double responsibility. The Coaching staff also is responsible for not using the time out correctly- no question.

I don't want to draw and quarter or tar and feather somebody for a mistake (though at the game I was extremely angry for the very first time this year - that play took all the fun out of the game and those around me agreed) but when you err.... admit it.

If you want the players to take the heat and grow from their mistakes then so should the coach- the GM- and even (dare I say it)- the fan.

Williams has been in the league for close to two years. He was givven instructions. He failed to carry out those instructions. He could have thrown the ball away with 1 second on the clock instead of taking the sack. He has been a VERY patient student of the CFL since he got here.

To make a mistake like that is inexcusable. It is about time Taaffe puts the blame where it should go - namely the players making them. If they continue (Anderson), then they should be shown the door.

Look, Williams blew it- no question. However, there IS such a thing as double responsibility. The Coaching staff also is responsible for not using the time out correctly- no question.
This has been brought up in another post but I dont think people understand. Printer's hurt himself the went to the huddle...only to take a knee. This forced Taaffe to take his time out as the play clock had already started.

He didn’t miss manage his timeout! He had to use it. Williams had plenty of time to hit the endzone or throw it away but he scrambled and got sacked.

He didn't miss manage his timeout! He had to use it.
I sure AM confused. This morning, on CHML, 'Coach Sal' admitted that taking the time out at that point was one of the Coaching Staff's options. He obviously must think that they still had one to give and that it wasn't lost on the injury.

I’m also ready to admit MY mistake if I’ve blown it here. Does anybody have the definitive word on this phantom time-out?

I'm not sure about whether we had a timeout or not---but Taaffe himself said that we did. He said he instructed Richie to take a look and then throw it away and call timeout so they could kick.
If they did have a timeout, then Charlie blew it as it should have been used on second down. There is no need to keep the timeout for the kick as in American football.....either there is time left at the whistle or there isn't. Taking the timeout on second down...with 28 seconds left...would have assured us of having time left and also given Richie more time to relax during the play.
The fact Charlie made this statement proves he either erred by not calling the timeout or erred by not knowing whether or not we had one.
As far as using it when Printers went down, this would also be a mistake as the ref's would stop the clock for an injured player.

Not sure on the rule, I'll have to look it up but I do believe that if there is an injury with under a certain amount of time left you are charged your time out if you have one.

There was no time out left, he did use it.

Whatever was the situation Taafe should not have blamed Williams by name in the media.He should have said the team misused the time.Unlike any other coach I've heard ,he often has been publicly critical players.

Are you kidding? He told Richie, if the play isnt there… throw it away. Not run around, stay on your feet for 8 seconds and get sacked.

He absolutely should blame Richie.

You have missed the point ,you don't as a coach PUBLICLY criticize your players .You keep it in the locker room.

The POINT, is NOT that Richie WAS to BLAME - any BELOW AVERAGE Joe Nobody football OBSERVER could tell you that - THE POINT is, that Taaffe ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT call out his player, BY NAME, in the Media ...

The MORE Taaffe SHOWS me ... the LESS I think of this man.

Which leads me to a completely UNRELATED Rant - except to speak to the POINT that Taaffe has SHOWN very SCANT (that means LITTLE) LEADERSHIP this season...

It is regarding his DECISION to kick a FG late in the 4th Quarter when they were down by 13 points ... that is TWO POSSESSIONS ... guess what ? - after they kicked the FG - they were still DOWN BY TWO POSSESSIONS !!!! That was a COMPLETELY chicken@#$! decision to make at that point in the game ... they were deep in Regina territory ... with a CHANCE to get some MOMENTUM and KEEP it a GAME ... total JACK@$$ !!!

MANY on this forum should REALIZE by NOW - this TEAM has ALOT going for it ... this Coaching Staff has done this team a GREAT DISSERVICE at times, and when they sit down to strategize about ways to IMPROVE - it should BEGIN with a COLLECTIVE look in the PROVERBIAL MIRROR !!


P.S OH OH ! it looks like somebody beat me to the PUNCH.

Come on guys, it was so blatantly obvious... its not like it was blown coverage, or a missed assignment on the line. He has every right to comment on Richie's performance. It was a rookie mistake and he should have known better. He didnt say he was going to be cut, he didnt fine him or embarrass him.

Too bad Richie isn't a rookie anymore... lol