Taafe needs to be next!

Sorry folks no continuity next year. If Dejardins is gone it has to be Taafe. He's made glaring errors on-field with play calling and shuffled too many players around trying to get the right mix. He has not been accountable with his coaching staff and for that reason he has to pay the price.

Don't give me that talk that Taafe has been a winner at every level and will find a way to win again. If Taafe was a winner he would have found a way to win. His coaching staff would be top notch, he would have tailored his play calls to the talent he was given. Good coaches can work with what they are given and make small gains. No one asked for a playoff berth, but fans did want respectabliliy. His product was an embarrassment. His D-coordinator was called out by Moreno on national TV and nothing was done about it. He'll be lucky to get out of this mess with his job. If he does I hope the strip every last one of his coordinators...forget that...get rid of him!