Taafe gonzo.....is Berry next???

guaranteed contract if the rumors are true.

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Thanks for the update Red! Is this in the rules somewhere?


Maybe, but its a relevant comparison.. Taaffe being aloof and disinterested rubbed off on his players, and mabye not letting him out of his contract hurt the Tabbies more than it helped, R&W. If the Cats had a coach who wants to be there, maybe they are not 2-8 right now...

...lol, I understood the relevance, just poking you with a stick from the fire with blackened charcoal on the end....it's all over your hoodie now....

They did

Getting even for the jabs in the Fantasy Huddle results thread?... :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Berrycannot be fired until the team is sold to David Asper.Why? ...because they are a community based team and just gave Berry a 3 year 1 million dollar contract... That's why... So what are the Bombers to do... Pay two coaches 300K plus for the next 2 and a half years... Then claim losses of 300 K annually and ask for government help...I don't think so.

I understand that the next coach to be fired might be Stubler, depending on how the Argos play in their next game.

Well my guess is that it depends on the outcome of Friday's game.

If Winnipeg blows out the Argos, then Stubler gets the axe. If the Argos blow out Winnipeg, then Berry gets shown the door.

If it's close, all bets are off.

Just my guess..............

That does not say much about his character. He bailed on the Als and wanted to bail on the Cats

Are you sure about those numbers ? I heard $400K for 3 years guaranteed.

I agree ro, its too bad for the team and the fans. If Bellefeuille change player's attitudes, it will be a good start for him. He has been put into a very difficult situation, IMO.

Midseason coaching changes are dumb. There are never any qualified candidates available, so you end up choosing some un- or under-qualified person just to fill the spot until the end of the season. That means that you have essentially given up on this season, and are just hoping to look semi-respectable as you stumble toward the off-season, when you will hire a new coach, with a new coaching staff, who will make changes to player personnel and the playbook.

What does that mean for us fans?

It means that for the rest of the year we'll be hearing, "Don't blame Bellefeuille for the humiliation they suffered in their last game. Taaffe built this team, you can't expect Marcel to turn it around overnight."

Then next year when they bring in a new coach, who will make changes to the coaching staff, we will hear, "It's their first (full) season with these coaches. They're essentially building a team from scratch. You can't expect them to create a contender overnight."

And we'll all hear those five words that should be by now ringing in the ears of all Ticat fans: "YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT!"

Then, when Bellefeuille (or whatever other poor sap gets saddled with the job next year) doesn't create a competitive team in his first season, calls will go out for his head, and shortly after that he will be fired, and we can start the whole process all over again.

Usually I would agree with you Dave, but I feel this move had to be made. Taaffe's indifference was rubbing off on the players. Maybe the firing will make some of them take notice. There is now excuse for the poor tackling that the defence displayed on Saturday. It seemed like they didn't want to TRY and make the tackle. It was terrible to watch.