Taafe Gone???

Just heard a rumour that Taafe has accepted a job as OC at West Virginia....

..its also being reported on tsns' website...hmmmmmmmm strange after just hiring Creehan ... :roll:

LOL, you guys are a little slow off the mark here....there's alreay a TEN PAGE thread about this in the Cats section.

Ti-Cats just can't catch a break... :frowning:

I posted this Nov 29th when it was reported that the Ti-cats refused to all Taaffe to talk to Montreal.
Not exactly what happened but close

In other news, Casey Printers has gone all Ricky Williams on us and decided to retire from football so that he can focus on yoga, pot smoking, and being at one with the universe. Jesse Lumsden is contemplating joining him.

I thought Printers did that already in 2007? :lol:

Apparently Taaffe and the Ti-Cats are denying it. That's good news. :slight_smile:

Yes they are denying it.

And Richard Nixon denied being a crook.

I think it's just someone trying to get the scoop on a story.

I'm pretty sure that he CAN'T sign a contract or meet with them without first getting permission from Obillovich(sp?).

So either Charlie wasn't very smart and went around his boss to talk to this guy or some reporter just had no clue what he was reporting.

No one comes up smelling like a rose out of today’s antics. No one.

Charlie is standing a urinal in a washroom
at the National Coaches convention,

and sees an old buddy standing next to him.

It is, Bill Stewart, a man he once hired
as a coach with the Montreal Alouettes

Bill tells him he's now Head Coach at WVU
and tells Charlie he is looking for an O.C.
and QB coach and asks if he is interested.

The guy in the stall next to the urinals
jumps off the toilet and runs to a phone
to call up some hack newspaper reporter.

I'm sure this guy doesn't smell like a rose
nor does anybody else in the chain of fools
who ran this unprofessional story, MadJack.


This press release from the Tiger Cats
was posted on the ticats.ca website on

Thursday, January 10, 2008 - 05:00PM

Hamilton, Ontario

– In response to various media reports today
regarding the status of head coach Charlie Taaffe,

members of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
have issued the following statements:

“I was contacted by Bill Stewart (head coach of WVU]),
a long-time friend of mine for over 30 years and he asked
to talk with me about the possibility of joining his staff,?

said Tiger-Cats head coach Charlie Taaffe.

“The reports that have come out indicating that
I have joined the WVU staff are completely inaccurate
and I have not signed a contract to become part of their team.?

"Reports that Charlie Taaffe has joined the football coaching staff
at WVU are completely untrue," said team president Scott Mitchell.

"Charlie has called me to tell me there was no truth to it,
and the reporter who printed the story has subsequently apologized
to us as an organization.

Charlie Taaffe is an excellent football coach,
and the fact that other teams or institutions

would like him to be involved with
their programs doesn't surprise me.

We have made a commitment to Charlie
to be our football coach through

at least 2009 and I would fully
expect that to be the case.?

... rumours of Taffes' flying south were a little premature....seems he's going to honour his contract as of an announcement today ... O'bie says it was 50/50 whether he stayed or went....who has the 'real' story...you gotta wonder??????? :roll:

well might as well put it to rest. i recieved a text from tsn stating that charlie taafe has rejected the OC offer and is staying in Hamilton.

Yep he is our Coach

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=22453]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=n ... &nid=22453[/url]

"I am the Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, I was yesterday, I am today and I'm hopefully going to be for years to come,? said Taaffe. “Despite untruthful reports that surfaced Thursday of this week that I had accepted a job West Virginia University, I thought it was important to let all the Tiger-Cats fans know the only place I want to coach is in Hamilton. We started something last year that obviously was disappointing, but I'm fully committed to working as hard as possible for the great fans of Hamilton to get this thing turned in the right direction?.

Taaffe continued, “It's always a compliment when a top U.S. college program coming off a BCS bowl game win wants to discuss a possible opportunity, but despite the speculation and conjecture over the last few days, it's important for everybody involved with the Ticats and our great fans to know that I never once asked or entered into conversation with anybody about whether or not it was possible to be released from my contract. I have never indicated to anybody that I did not want to continue to be the head coach of the Tiger-Cats nor have I ever applied for or indicated to any other team or college program that I was looking for anything else.?