T.V. star Pamela Anderson backs Riders!!!

Reuters- Canadian superstar Pamela Anderson, who was discovered at a B.C. lions game, has come out to support the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Grey Cup. Anderson said," The Riders are more exciting than any rock band I know of!"
Anderson sends her regrets for not being able to attend due to a tanning salon committment. :roll:

I'm glad she got that off her chest.

lol Ya Anderson just loves hearing the word Rough Rider :wink:

Best part is she can no longer attend or support football games,you know that whole PETA thing she does,well what does she think footballs and the shoes players wear are made of. :smiley:

In other PETA news, Heidi Klum recently gave birth to a baby Seal.

Thought she was baby sitting at the Tillman's :lol:

^^ You'll have to explain that one to me, because it doesn't appear to make any sense... :expressionless: