T.V. Shows??

OK it's the offseason. I would like to know what are some of your favorite t.v. shows are.

Mine: NCIS...NUMB3RS....Two and a half men....7th Heaven...Medium...CFL Football :wink: ....House...Becker.

Survivor, Corner Gas, HNIC.....don't watch much else.....

Corner Gas, The Apprentice, Lost, Two and a half men, Hockey Night In Canada, Surface,The Amazing Race, Survivor, Just for Laughs, Just for Laughs Gags. I think I watch too much TV. Not as much as my sister who literaly nows every word to every show on the Family Channel.

Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, House, Boston Legal, Lost(but I'm starting to lose interest) Surface

NCIS, West Wing, Seinfeld reruns, Family Guy, corner gas, Two and a half men, earl, and lots of hockey (cente ice package) and the NFL.

Montreal wins 5-2...go habs go!!!


Kenny vs Spenny (funniest thing on TV right now, and its Canadian)
Prison Break, Lost, The Office (2nd funniest thing), Hockey, Alias, Family Guy, The Amzing Race (but it just ended 10 minutes ago)

I know I am missing some but ya.


Let's see:

Survivor, The Amazing Race (nice touch putting the Kanga-pleasing Big Uh-Oh in Alouettes mode in the finale), The Simpsons, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, South Park, pro wrestling (WWE Raw and TNA Impact), The Ultimate Fighter...and if I grow bored of all that, I can pop in a DVD from the first two seasons of one of the best Canadian TV series in recent memory (IMO): Due South.

I like the CBC's show, called the Tournament...hockey at it's finest..
Chasing you kid with the Zambonie, to further his career...priceless..
They take the hockey parent to a new level, but there not that far from the truth.

is "Making the cut" still going?

and what is this abou the Amazing Race? and the Big O?

i only watch the Apprentice, some hockey, some NFL, and the occasional movies with the wife...

We try to watch Amazing Race, but we missed a good chunk of the middle.... saw the finale last night, glad to see the results, I was cheering for them from the start.

We've watched the Apprentice in the past, but we pretty much got away from habitually watching any shows in the last couple months. I watch sports when I can, she watches everything on the food network, and I play Xbox sports when she's watching most of the food shows.

Oh, and something on Sundays...... uhm..... oh yeah, Grey's Anatomy. I really like that show. I'd like to watch that "my name is Earl" show, but I can't remember when it's on, so I haven't been able to very often. It seems funny tho from what I have seen of it.

During the final leg of this season's "Amazing Race: Family Edition", the teams were racing through Montreal, and one of the tasks was to drive a golf cart into the Big Uh-Oh (which the Weaver family did literally in trying to find a way inside. I know the stadium is falling apart as it is, but that aint helping matters). Once inside, the next task for the teams was to comb all 56,000 seats for one of 3 boxes attached to the back of them so they could get a card stating a departure time of one of three charter flights to a "mystery destination", which turned out to be Toronto.

You gotta love My Name Is Earl and The Office. Both hilarious... I think they are both moving to Thursday nights starting in Jan......

CSI, Family Guy, THE WAR AT HOME!, Simpsons , and hockey night in canada, only when ottawa senators are playing. Go OTTAWA

PS: Leafs suck and wont make the playoffs to all u leaf fans just to let u no, and dont get ur hopes up.

I wont say what and I wont say who, But In my opinion some of you guys watch some real garbage :lol:

The Leafs don't suck. They (Im sorry I have to admit this) aren't doing as good as the Sens but they don't suck. They will make the playoffs.


you know what show reallty sucks?