t.v. broadcast of the season

Can someone tell me what lobotimsed moron is in charge of setting up the broadcast shedules. :cowboy: I am a rabid lions fan and i am outraged that 8, Count'em guys and girls, 8 of the lions regular season games are not televised.I thought it was bad that last year they did not televise 2 of their regular season games, but this year it is 8.what is going on.Did the league loose money last year and they had to hire the lowest bidder for the job.what did they do? scan the crowd of applicants and pick the person that had the most drool running down their cheek? It should be obvious that it you want the league to grow in popularity you need COVERAGE.People need to see the games if you want them to become fans.That includes our cousins to the south.lots of them want to watch but cannot as there is no coverage stateside. WHO THE HELL IS IN CHARGE OF THIS AND WHY ARE THEY WHEN THEY HAVE SCREWED UP SOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!

What are you talking about? Every regular season game, all playoff games are televised on TSN!! :smiley:

Yes they are, however not to be confused with each teams home "blackout policy"?


If by "our cousins to the South", you mean Americans, Altitude Sports is televising over 30 CFL games this season.


wow, what rock have you been hiding under?

don't you know they black out home games for every game except 1 or 2 that they're allowed to lift?

like Chandler bing used to say "OH.. My... God!!"

i stand corrected. when i first checked the schedule it showed that 8 games of the lions were not going to be televised, it now shows that all games are going to be televised. last year we missed 2 games because they were not televised. AS i am sure you know tsn and cbc televised different games and not all games were shown on tsn.this year tsn seems to have the season rapped up. :roll:

what rock have you been hit with? the 1or 2 games not televised this year are the pre season games. when i checked the schedule yesterday, it showed that 8 games of the lions were not being televised. tonight it shows that all of the lions games will be televised on tsn.last year there were 2 games not scheduled to be televised at all.tsn and cbc were both televising the games and i am guessing that 2 games fell through the cracks or something.and the blackouts you are talking about were only for local t.v. station coverage during the regular season.

You do realize it's up to the TEAM not the LEAGUE who decides if the blackout will be lifted.

ummm… wow, im speechless.

in 2008. all 77 games were televised. pre-season games have never been televised.

in 2008 there was no CBC doing ANY games.

repeat the above statement for 2009 season. :lol:

I know its up to each team to decide if the blackout is lifted but do any of you know when the lift it? Obviously the first one is a sell out but for large stadiums such as in Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto, do they have to sell a certain number of seats or what?
This one has been bugging me for years, hopefully one of you'll have some good insight.