T Smith

This guy can play, his return for special teams seem to have the potential to go all the way at least once a game, works well with Lumsden in the backfield. Very impressed. I know he went to Auburn which is a football factory , but where was his first pro experiences and how did we end up with him

Only disappoint tonight is not using the screen pass to Lumsden or even Tre

Your thougts

I'll tell you a few things I know for a fact about Tre Smith.

First, he is just getting started. He had been away from the game for a little while when he came up to join Hamilton, and he hasn't hit his stride yet. But he will.

Second, he's a team player in a big way. A solid guy. Gets excited about what he does, and brings that spark with him. He has a good time on the field, and likes to have fun, and from what I've seen on the forums Ticats fans are seeing that.

Other quick facts -- he was offered a contract with BC Lions in 2007 but didn't take it, even though it was reported on CBC that he did. (He finished his degree instead.) So this is his first time in Canada.

He was supposed to play in an arena football team in the United States, and it folded before the season started -- something about the main funder ran out of money.

When it folded, his agent hooked him up with Hamilton.

And he's gonna do some great things for Hamilton.

Tri is one very good young player. And welcome to Canada.

Tre looked very good tonight both on offence and special teams. He is the perfect compliment to Jesse.

As for the screen pass. we haven't seen it in two games perhaps its due to our QB being able to throw the ball at least 10 yards??? Just sayin'

in the last game he caught a punt on the run and it reminded me a little of wally zatylny.

i think he may be a keeper. :wink:

Oh yeah, this guy is dynamite. I'll say we've been blessed with running backs for the last decade. To have the three guys we have when you factor Caulley in, that's the definition of depth.

unoffically 242 all purpose yards.

75 rushing (8 attempts)
87 punt return yards
81 KR yards
-1 rec
242 total all purpose yards.

Tre Smith gives us something that we haven’t had in a long time,maybe since Paul Bennet.A legit threat to take it back every time he touches the ball.He is tailor made for the CFL.Also,as a running back,I like his speed.

we had a guy named earl that was pretty good at it.

The stats call him L Smith. I had to check the roster to see that he is the third Lyle C. Smith in his family.

If Arland Bruce has 'BRUCE III' on the screen tagline on TSN, we should see 'SMITH III' there too I guess.

Eat the yards up Tre!

Oskee wee wee

8) Tre Smith is the real deal. He is an outstanding all purpose back who will flourish in Hamilton !!!
 Check out some of the videos on youtube of him during his great career at Auburn !!!!!

 Kudos to Obie for signing this kid !!!!!

Coudos to Tre, He seems like the real deal. Jesse & Tre in the backfield is a dangerous combo!!.

Things are starting to look up in the hammer!

Watch out.

:cowboy: Hidi folks, I want to say that I recognized Tre to be a baller from day 1. This kid can play!! He was outstanding and if the coaches continue to use him, man on man!! Great job Tre...Casey and Jessie....Man, Casey said this team was not far from being very competitive...He believed in his teammates, the coaches and in his abilities. Welcome Tre to canada!!!!

That is one exciting backfield for sure.

Obie Dose it a Again lol
Tre was find of Camp ..
Could the Kid be Rookie of the year ????

This is true. Smith and Lumsden are a solid combo :smiley:

Why not call Lyle Trois and pass him off as a non-import? :smiley: :oops:

Tre Smith is the Man, period, end of discussion.

Reminds me of "Pinball" in his prime.

I have a feeling he is going to be a fan favourite for a long time here. The guy plays with heart and doesn`t give up on the play. He is one exciting player.